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Top 5 Film & Television Memorabilia Items

Updated on January 10, 2012

Have you ever seen a movie that you thought had a cool gadget, weapon, article of clothing or strange object that has gone down in Film and Television folklore? As a kid did you ever dream of having your own Flux Capacitor? Are you a film enthusiast who enjoys collecting movie memrobilia? Here is the top 5 list (in no particular order) of memorabilia items from movies and TV shows that every film buff and collector must have.

Sex Panther Cologne (Anchorman)

60% of the Time, it Works Every time!

With a growl and a strut, you can now get your hands on a bottle of 'Sex Panther' Cologne. Unlike the pugent nostril burning smell of the bottle described in the film, the reproduced cologne has quite pleasant, spicey, manly aroma and has been been highly rated by anybody that has bought the product, so there's no need to worry about having to get hosed down in a car park, or having people vomit and faint as you strut by them down the street. It comes in a plain sleek black bottle, but there is always the hope they can manufacture the panther shaped bottle with a growling box, because that would be pretty awesome. Even so you can now approach a girl, and when she asks, 'mmm! you smell good. What kind of aftershave is that?', the only answer you need is 'Sex Panther....yeahhhh...'

The Flux Capacitor (Back to the Future)

1.21 Gigawatts!!!!

The Flux Capacitor, one of the greatest fictional scientific devices ever created for the screen, is now been reproduced in its exact replica form for any fans of 'The Back to the Future' movies and franchise. It lights up the same way as the one shown in the film, and the great thing is it doesn't need 1.21 gigawatts of power to generate it, just a few batteries. You can also put it in your car, but don't think you can flame up the wheels and travel through time, because sadly it doesn't work that way. I can still condure up the memory of disbelief and disappointment as a kid when I found out there was no such thing as a Flux Capacitor, as my friend bluntly said to me 'It's made up!'. At least going out and owning a replica of it will help ease the pain.

Sonic Screwdriver (Dr Who)

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Now you can own your very own Sonic Screwdriver. This model is the one used by the 11th Doctor played by actor Matt Smith and it's features include the same lighting mechanisms and sounds like the one on the hit TV Show. Unfortunately it doesn't open any locks, read compex calculations or cause monsters to explode. The one thing does have in common with the actual TV device is that it doesn't work on wood, a flaw the has caused The Doctor some grieviance throughout his history. There is no better feeling of taking it out of your pocket and flicking it open at the press of a button, plus there's always the option of walking up to somebody, pressing the button to light it up and hovering it around their body and then studying the device like it has discovered something mind blowing and scientifically impossible about them. It's a great collectors item for anybody who is a Dr Who fan.

'Vote For Pedro' T-Shirt (Napoleon Dynamite)


One if the most cult films from the past few years, If you're a fan of Napoleon Dynamite you probably have this T-shirt, if not then you really should go out and get it, it's great with a curly wig and a pair of glasses at a halloween party and it's also a pretty cool item to wear when you're out and about. For the bold and the courageous, you can always do the napoleon dynamite dance after a few drinks. It comes in all sizes and is made from 100% cotton. It is without doubt one of the coolest t-shirts ever conceived from a movie.

Hattori Hanzo Swords (Kill Bill)

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold.

The Hattori Hanzo swords are designed with the unique Hanzo carvings in the blade and scabbard. The Blades are 27 inches long and the swords have quite a bit of weight behind them. Obviously they are not used for battles in your back garden with your friends or to swear vengeance on your sworn enemies, they are blunt objects that can damage easily in a mock battle, so you'll just have to put your death lists back in the drawer. They are designed to be displayed on your mantlepiece or to hang proudly on your wall, basically they are an item to brag to your friends about. There is no better way to bring the inner child out of a grown up than by getting them this.

Because of the sheer amount of movies, this list can easily be expanded. It there are any film buffs or entusiasts out there like me that has any suggestions on what is a top piece of film or television memorabilia, comment below and I will expand the list, it's great to own a replicated piece of movie history, it's even better if its the real thing.


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