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Dangers of the Ouija Board and Automatic Writing

Updated on April 15, 2013

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board has been around for a long time. The Ouija Board dates back to the times of the1800's. It is known by other names, such as the talking board, witch-board, and spirit/fire keyboard. Oui is the French and ja is German for Yes. The Ouija board is a board game made by Parker Brothers, and its sold in toy stores, and everywhere else that sells toys and board games. The Ouija board has a flat surface that is smooth, and has the alphabet, along with the numerals 0 to 9, Yes and No, and Hello and Good-bye. There are other symbols on the board, as well, like the sun and the moon, and people. Older Ouija Boards had a wooden planchette to spell out messages supposedly coming from dead friends or relatives. The planchette is a heart-shaped object with feet that moves to spell out messages. Modern day planchettes are made out of plastic with a see-through, circular window to easily see the letters and numbers. The planchette has three legs for support, so moving around on the Ouija board is much easier.

English Ouija Board

English Ouija Board
English Ouija Board | Source

Ouija Board Has Instuctions

The Ouija board comes with instructions, which tells how to use the board correctly. A lady and gentleman are preferred using the Ouija board placed on their laps between them while seated. Only serious questions should be asked, not silly ones, which will make the Ouija board not work as well. It is recommended that two people, at least play with the Ouija board.

Could there be any danger playing with Ouija boards? Can people actually contact spirits, who have died? If so, then who are those spirits? No one really knows. If a spirit does come through the Ouija board, and spells out messages, can the messages be trusted? The spirit might say things in the messages that sound true, but only to gain the trust of the one using the Ouija board. Later on, the spirit or whatever it is might get nasty. Then, the one using the Ouija board gets dependant, addicted to the Ouija board. Could a person using a Ouija board get possessed by an evil spirit or demon, for example: like in The Exorcist? If spirits and demons do exist, then the answer would probably be yes. Persons using Ouija boards could become victims of psychic entrapment.

Ouija Board and Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is writing that supposedly comes from a spirit, without the conscious thought of the person doing the writing. The person sits, relaxed and clears their mind of all conscious thoughts, with a pen and paper, and then a spirit controls their arm to write messages from the beyond through the physical person. The person doing the automatic writing does not have conscious thought of what is being written, while its being written.

Can automatic writing be more dangerous than the Ouija board? With a Ouija board there are more people operating the board, but with automatic writing there is just one person, which is more dangerous. Some people believe that both the Ouija board and automatic writing can lead to spirit, or demon possession. That is a risk that is better off to be avoided. With both the Ouija board and automatic writing, there is a real danger not knowing what spirit, or whatever is communicating with the physical person. It could be an evil, or malicious low-life spirit communicating, at first fooling the physical person, and later on shows it's true colors, which are no good. Spirits can lie, deceive, and try to manipulate the physical person, making them weak by running them down physically, making them ill, and ruining their lives. The evil spirits, and demons, only intentions are to destroy the physical person. Is it possible for spirits and demons to cause the hearing of voices, and nightmares? Do they cause visions to be seen by a physical person, after the physical person has been using a Ouija board alone, or with others, or when the physical person has started practicing automatic writing? If evil spirits and demons can come through Ouija boards and automatic writing, then great care should be taken when attempting to do any of these things that might cause a lot of harm to the physical person.

Scary Ouija Boards?

It would be real scary if disembodied spirits could communicate through ouija boards. The spirits couldn't be seen, and it would be impossible to tell who they were, or what they are. They could be very nasty and they could tell half-truths or outright lies. Maybe it would be better to stay away from Ouija boards? Maybe saying prayers before using the board would protect people using the board? Maybe not? If evil spirits could come through with evil messages, it would be better to leave the Ouija board alone. If there are evil spirits they could cause a lot of harm and destroy people's lives, and even kill them. Evil spirits just want to destroy people, if they exist. No one would want any negative influences in their house. Once evil spirits enter through a Ouija board, they would be very difficult to get rid of.


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