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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Davon's Watch: Legacy of the Ancestors, Delaying the Daggers, City Under Siege

Updated on April 5, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Davon's Watch seems like a relatively calm place, but it's a city under siege. The Covenant is on the offensive, and the soldiers of this fair city need your help to drive them back from the walls. Unfortunately, doing so may require some delving into arcane arts better left untouched...

Legacy of the Ancestors

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Holgunn

Level: 3

Reward: 73 gold

- To trigger this quest you must track down Holgunn, a member of Davon's Watch's military. He's standing near Artisan's Row in the south of Davon's Watch, near one of the city's main gates.

- Speak to Holgunn to learn of the city's need for able men and women. He'll ask you to help out; agree and he'll want to lead you straight to the next man in line. You can either go straight to Holgunn's next destination by following him or make your own way there. If you decide to walk on your own, you can find Holgunn in a mansion near the northern end of Davon's Watch. It's almost directly north of where you first met him.

- Your next NPC in the line is Tanval Indoril. He's standing in the entrance hall of the mansion. He will ask you to retrieve an ancient relic, guarded by his ancestors, which he cannot fetch himself. Be sure to ransack the mansion before you leave - I had good luck locating recipes in the drawers upstairs.

- Head back outside. The crypt you're meant to enter is across the street.

House Indoril Crypt

- This place is pretty short. Wander down the path until you find a larger room. This will be guarded by Skeletal Warriors. If you're level three or above you shouldn't have any trouble taking them down, though fighting two at a time might be a little iffy at such a low level. Feel free to rely on other players if you're having trouble.

- There's a chest down here that you need to pop open, though doing so will disturb the phantasmal Nam Indoril. He's stronger than average, but still not that strong for all that. Kill him off and check the chest for the Skull of Nam Indorill.

- Return to Tanval. He'll accept the Skull, with gruff thanks, and gift you with 73 gold in exchange. He'll also start up a new quest, if you press him, by telling you to speak with Holgunn again. Speak with Garyn and he'll lead you right to Holgunn at the western gate.

Delaying the Daggers

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Holgunn

Level: 4

Reward: 42 gold

- Holgunn's waiting with a bunch of soldiers. He'll task you with burning several enemy ballistae, as well as some siege ladders. Sounds like a plan. Go through the wall to the right of Holgunn to find the battleground.

- Enemies! You'll wade out into a small battle against a number of Covenant troops. The three ballistae are on the road down the hill. Two are in plain sight; the three is behind a large tree a ways to your left. Take out the baddies lingering by the ballistae before setting them to flame.

- Once you have all three burned, make tracks all the way down the road. You'll find a heap of siege ladders at the end. Set flame to these to complete your mission.

- Head back into the walls. Holgunn's waiting nearby. Speak to him to finish the quest - and trigger another one.

City Under Siege

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Holgunn

Level: 4

Reward: Indoril Pyrostaff, 85 gold

- Head back into the city. It's under attack, and you can fight off Covenant troops or ignore them as you see fit. Your destination is the House Indoril Crypt yet again.

- Covenant troops have invaded the Crypt. Fight your way to the bottom to find Tanval. He's busy summoning an 'ultimate weapon' and needs you to stall your foes. Join his guardians (and any other players present) in fighting off the enemies that appear.

- Once Tanval's done with his summoning a portal will appear. Enter it and you'll appear on a beach outside the city. Watch Tanval's creature finish off the enemies here, then head back to the city. You'll be cheered on your way back to Tanval, who, in front of the mansion, will fork over your prize and bring this small quest line to a close. You'll also begin a new quest, Quiet the Ringing Bell.


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