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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Ebonheart: Window on the Past, The Brothers Will Rise

Updated on April 6, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Tamriel is a storied land, and thanks to the glory that is magic there are ways to revisit the past and view the trials and follies of the olden days first hand. In this small quest line you'll travel back through the misty annals of the Brothers of Strife, a massive stone monument, and see just how a pair of siblings came to be remembered by history...

Window on the Past

Location: Brothers of Strife, Ebonheart

NPC: Sorcerer Vunal

Level: 9

Reward: 63 gold

- Window on the Past is triggered by Sorcerer Vunal, an NPC who's hiding a fair ways off the beaten path. Jump to Ebonheart and follow the road south out of the city until you reach the Brothers of Strife Waypoint. Once there, follow the course of the shallow streams that wind along the sides of the mountains. They'll eventually lead you to Vunal's small camp.

- Vunal is obsessed with the past of the Brothers of Strife, the ruined monument behind him, and he needs you to speak to a pair of spirits in the ruins, as well as collect four Heartstones. All are located in and around the Brothers of Strife.

- Be warned: the Brothers of Strife is populated solely by Scamps, annoying little demons that have a love of burning you to death with their fire spells. Caught up close they're not that big a deal, but their spells are pretty bad at a range - and fighting two at a time can be very painful. You may not want to mess around with this area solo until you're level 10 or above.

- First, the Heartstones. You'll find the first one down the road from Vunal's camp, at the base of the stairs leading onto one of the area's two stone platforms. Go up the stairs and you'll find another one on your left...

- ... and up atop the stone stage ahead, you'll find two more. That's all four. (If you didn't find the Heartstones, someone else has probably been through here recently. They'll regenerate shortly. You can also find more Heartstones on the small island separating the flow of the water to your left, and beyond the water is another stone stage with more Heartstones. You'll know you're near one if you see steam rising into the air.)

- Now for the spirits. Return to Vunal and cross the water that runs beneath the Brothers of Strife. Follow the paved path through the ruins, beating off any Scamps that get in your way. You'll soon arrive at the foot of a large temple. Climb the steps and you'll find Legat Sadal's spirit floating within. Speak to him.

- Leave the temple and take a left. Keep fighting off Scamps as you run, and keep an eye open for a set of stairs beside a split in the path. Climb the stairs and you'll find another temple at the top of a hill. General Balreth, the second spirit, waits inside. Speak with him.

- Return to Vunal after completing all of your tasks. Vunal now has a final task for you: stepping into the past. Head north from Vunal and you'll see a cave on your left; step inside, approach the two spirits at the end of the cave, and investigate the Daedric Altar between them.

- The past! Speak to Sorcerer Nilae nearby. This will complete Window on the Past and spark a new quest, The Brothers Will Rise.

The Brothers Will Rise

Location: Brothers of Strife, Ebonheart

NPC: Sorcerer Nilae

Level: 9

Reward: Telvanni Warsash, 122 gold

- Battle time. You're now in the past, and you need to collect four Nedic Hearts and the heart of their leader. The area is lousy with Nede Warriors and Firebows, so you shouldn't have any trouble slaughtering them to collect your prizes. (You'll also get two gold apiece, not a terrible reward for such easy battles.)

- Follow the path that leads to the right, up to the remains of a temple. Warchief Ornskar is waiting up here. She's a fairly potent foe with AOE electrical attacks, but you get plenty of warning time to move before they go off. Bring her down and retrieve Ornskar's Heart from the corpse.

- Return to the stream and head west through the ruins. You'll find your next NPC, Sorcerer Turoni, atop a tall dais with a bunch of soldiers. She'll appoint you with a new task, namely visiting the temples where you found the brothers in the first quest and fighting off the daedra they summon. In the north you'll fight Hatewarden; in the south, Brimstone. They're both tough, but you shouldn't have too much trouble so long as you're fighting them alone, no other soldiers. Watch out for their explosions when they die. They'll drop the Essence of Wrath and the Essence of Fire, respectively.

- Return to the dais and speak to Sadal and Balreth, then place the two Spirits in the brazier in the middle of the dais. This will zap you back to the present.

- Speak to Vunal outside the cave. You'll return the area to normal, and the quest will come to an end. Woo! Swag!


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