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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Fort Virak: The General's Demise

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

General Serien has been cornered. His machinations are undone. His troops are running dry. There's only one place for him to flee - his manor - and even that isn't long in being breached. Time to bring the fiend back down to earth... and maybe six feet under, to boot. Necromancy? Pfffft. Try the edge of a blade, Serien.

The General's Demise

Location: Fort Virak

NPC: Tanval Indoril

Level: 12

Reward: Lionbanner Chestplate, 73 gold, 1 Skill Point

- This quest will only unlock after you've completed Evening the Odds, another quest that's part of the Fort Virak quest line. After finishing up with General Serien's books and speaking to Tanval Indoril you'll begin this quest automatically.

- Wait for the icy wards in front of the manor's gate to be dispelled. Once they are you can enter Fort Virak's interior, Virak Keep.

- The next area in front of the Keep itself is filled with shambling Zombies. They're not too tough, but you really want to avoid their AOE attacks. Fight through them to the front steps of the Keep. If you check the side areas here you can rescue trapped soldiers from an undead fate, but it's not compulsory to save them.

- Enter the Keep. General Serien is straight ahead, attended by a few guards, but you shouldn't charge right at the guy. Hold back instead and take on his guardians from a distance. This will lure them over to you - and though Serien will notice, he won't join them. Doing this will draw your allies into the battle at the same time, and they'll help you take out the guards. Once they're all gone (and more will spawn, so wait for a while) you can assault the general.

Battling the demonic General Serien, the twisted villain of The General's Demise quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling the demonic General Serien, the twisted villain of The General's Demise quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

General Serien

This is a two-part battle. In the first phase Serien is an above-average melee combatant with lots of HP, strong attacks, but otherwise unremarkable stature. Wail on him with your many comrades. If you're lucky, he won't even notice you while chopping away at your buds. Eventually he will shift...

... and his new, ugly form will take hold. Serien's monstrous transformation grants him improved physical attacks, an AOE attack that's not too difficult to avoid, and, most important for you, a charging attack that's easy to spot and block. You can exploit this attack - he uses it rather often! - to stun Serien and give your allies a chance to stab away his HP. Strafe around the general and do the same as the rest. Not that difficult a battle, really, though it's wise to retreat if Serien is gaining the upper hand. The rest of the crowd should be able to aggro him into leaving you alone for a little while so you can recover.

- Run back outside and speak to Holgunn. He'll speak of dire events on the horizon... but, at the very least, he'll hand over a nice little reward for your efforts in Fort Virak. Quest complete! This will also trigger another quest, City at the Spire, which will send you to Kragenmoor in the south.

The main quest of this next section requires you to speak to look for Grandmaster Omin Dres, leader of House Dres. We'll speak to him in the next section of the walkthrough. For now, we'll deal with a different quest in Kragenmoor, one that should only take you a few moments to complete.

A Gathering of Guar

Location: Kragenmoor

NPC: Ral Savani

Level: 15

Reward: 42 gold

- You'll find Ral Savani, the NPC officiator of this quest, in the south end of Kragenmoor. He's standing a short ways east of the Sugar-Rot Slop House, on the side of the road.

- The Vanguard has been active here, and they've scattered the man's Guar. He begs you to go looking for his precious flock, and to use the Guar Prod he gives you to send them home.

- The first Guar is up the street to the northeast. You'll find it lingering beside a group of villagers.

- Go through the short tunnel to the right of this Guar. You'll find the second Guar on the street ahead, to your right.

- The third Guar is on the northern road out of town, straight ahead...

- ... aaaaand the last one is a short ways north outside town, on your left. Return to Savani after sending all four back to earn your reward.


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