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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Hrogar's Hold: Protecting the Hall

Updated on April 8, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The humble hall of Hrogar's Hold is in a spot of bother. The area has been absolutely overrun by goblins and spiders, and its titular lord, Hrogar, doesn't have enough men to drive them back forever. What's worse, one of his sons has disappeared - and when you're dealing with a massive pack of ravenous spiders, that can mean only one thing.

Protecting the Hall

Location: Hrogar's Hold

NPC: Uggonn

Level: 11

Reward: 138 gold

- The NPC who triggers this quest, Uggonn, is standing in the fields to the east of Heimlyn Keep and Lukiul Uxith. Look a very short ways northwest of the Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine to find him.

- The fields are overrun, and Uggonn doesn't know what to do. Agree to help and he'll tell you to check with his master, Hrogar, his master, in his hold on the far side of the fields. If you feel like it, get a taste of the things you'll be facing in the fields on your way there. The manor is the largest building ahead, and difficult to miss.

- Head inside. Hrogar's at the far end of the entry hall, and he'll plead with you to help his son Gar find his missing brother. Sounds like a plan.

- (For the record, it's worth looking around the manor. There are a bunch of bookshelves on the ground floor, and the chests upstairs and downstairs yielded some rather nice items. For me, anyway.)

- Head southeast a short ways from the manor to find Gar. He'll advise you on your role in this plan: kill goblins and spiders. They litter this entire area, typically in groups of two, and they'll happily slaughter anyone who comes near. You'll have to kill fifteen Shadowsilk goblins or spiders, a combination of either, to complete this objective.

- There are two ways to carry about this quest. Characters who are at or above level 11 should have no trouble wading into the fields at random and killing whatever they please. On average the Shadowsilk goblins are a bit easier, as it's not as difficult to block their attacks and they don't use AOE poison strikes like the spiders, but you needn't be choosy. Wander around and kill whatever gets in your way. That said, I recommend only taking on groups of two enemies or less - three gets a bit hairy.

- Players at level 10 or below, by contrast, might find the enemies here a bit challenging - but the quest is still quite doable. Stick close to the houses in the area rather than wandering out into the fields. This affords you two advantages. First, you're more likely to run into single enemies by the homes. It'll take longer, but you can kill one baddie much more easily than two. Second, many of the enemies near the houses are busy fighting local guards, and depending on how you attack they may take a few whacks to change their attention to you - if they look away from their old target at all. (Though don't expect the guards to be at all helpful in doing damage.)

- After killing fifteen targets, speak to Fafnyr, in the same place where you were just talking to Gar. He'll tell you that the goblins are gathering to mount an attack on the hold itself.

- Rush back and speak to Hrogar. He and two of his men will prepare to counter the enemy, which will begin siphoning into the hold. Stay back with the men and fight the incoming enemies, which will spawn from the two sets of stairs to your left and right. Keep killing until you run out of targets.

- Hrogar demands news of his sons. Go back outside and you'll find Fafnyr near the door. Speak to him to complete the quest - as well as trigger another one, Kinsman's Revenge. The battle against the spiders and the goblins continues, and intensifies!


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