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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Kragenmoor: Waylaid Wine Merchant, A Goblin's Affection

Updated on April 8, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Kragenmoor is, like most locations in Tamriel, plagued with its own set of problems - and the lands surrounding it aren't much better off. In this article we'll take a little trip to the east of Kragenmoor, to the Ashen Roads in the shadow of the Tormented Spire, and have a little fun with two of the game's goofier quests. (Because goblins are always goofy.)

Waylaid Wine Merchant

Location: Ashen Roads, Kragenmoor

NPC: Geron Drothan

Level: 13

Reward: Sommelier's Gloves, 38 gold

- You'll find the NPC for this quest, Geron Drothan, on the Ashen Roads to the east of Kragenmoor. You'll find him on the side of the road a short ways north of the Ashen Road Wayshrine.

- Geron is... well, he's drunk. Stone dead drunk. He's a wine trader, and his stock has been pilfered by a bunch of goblins. He wants you to retrieve ten bottles of his Balmora Blue Wine. Who are you to refuse the poor guy? Chances are good he'd fall asleep trying to do the task himself.

- This quest is pretty simple. The hill to the north of Geron is lined with small campfires, all watched over by one or two goblins and the occasional spider. Your job is to ransack their plunder. Make your way through the camps, either sneaking past or killing the goblins, then snag the bottles of Balmora Blue Wine that's sitting on the ground. Occasionally you'll find these on a goblin's body, as well, though most of the time you'll have to pick them up. Snag ten and you're done. Be warned, as there's a chieftain at the top of the hill who will give you a better fight than his men. Wait around for a bit if you run out of bottles to steal - that's a sign another player's been through recently. They'll respawn in time.

- Return to Geron once you have all ten bottles in your inventory. He'll goofily thank you for your help and hand over a nice little reward for your work.

And, heck, while you're in the area...

A Goblin's Affection

Location: Ashen Roads, Kragenmoor

NPC: Valdam Andoren

Level: 10

Reward: Spider-Wrangler's Gloves, 65 gold

- Pop back up to the Ashen Road Wayshrine on the hill. Beside it are two mages, one on his knees. Speak to the one who can still talk, Valdam Andoren, to begin the quest.

- Remember that tribe of goblins you just beat down? The other mage in this equation turned his brother into a beautiful female goblin, and the chieftain (whom you may or may not have killed in the previous quest - no worries, he'll respawn) plans to take the hapless sibling as his wife. Valdam wants you to save the dude and bring him back so he can be gender- and species-swapped back to normal.

- Valdam gives you a Shadowsilk Gem to complete the quest. You can use the gem to transform into a goblin and creep your way through the camp undetected until you reach Chieftain Grimmstal at the end of the road. Just be sure to avoid the sipders in the camp, as they'll see right through your ruse. Kill Grimmstal - he's tough, but on his own he's not that bad, so long as you avoid his AOE attack and block whenever he's winding up - and free the tied-up goblin nearby to clear up the quest.

- (You can, of course, simply mow your way through the camp instead. Anyone who's mildly cautious and over, say, level 11 or so shouldn't have any trouble killing goblins and spiders in groups of two. Just be careful not to draw any of them to Grimmstal accidentally or you'll be in for a heck of a fight.)

- Return to Valdam after saving Dithis. He'll make fun of the brothers a little and grant you a little reward for your trouble.


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