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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Narsis: The Llodos Plague, For Their Own Protection

Updated on April 10, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

You've driven the efforts of the Maulborn back a few paces in the Quarantine Serk, but the battle continues. Now you must move off to the big(gish) city of Narsis, a quick leap from the quarantined zone, where the Maulborn seem utterly bent on spreading their plague to every healthy body they can find...

The Llodos Plague

Location: Quarantine Serk

NPC: Guard Nen

Level: 17

Reward: 43 gold

- The NPC for this quest, Guard Nen, is found in Quarantine Serk. He only appears after you've completed Race for the Cure.

- Nen wants to send word of the Maulborn's machinations in the area. He asks you send a message to Guard Verilu, who waits in the nearby city district of West Narsis. Agree and you'll be on your way.

- West Narsis is to the southeast, past a small lake. Swim across the lake and you'll be there in no time. Nen is standing on the right side of the road a little ways into the city. Speak to her to complete the quest.

With a new area comes new quests, and on the way in you passed another guard with a task for you. Speak to him now.

For Their Own Protection

Location: Narsis

NPC: Guard Ren

Level: 17

Reward: Hlaalu's Protection, 173 gold

- If you completed the previous quest, you passed Guard Ren on your way into Narsis. Backtrack to the entrance of town and speak to him.

- Ren speaks of the villagers who have fled the region for fear of the Llodos plague, and many more have simply vanished. Ren senses a crisis, and he suggests you speak to a councilor in town to help out.

- Enter the Kinhouse in the center of town. The councilor you're looking for, Ralden, is beside the fire in the middle of the hall. He doesn't know of any verifiable proof that people have simply disappeared, but he'll listen to any evidence you may be able to gather.

- Head back outdoors. There are several villagers out here who will help you with the evidence, so long as you follow the small bread crumb trail they lay out for you.

Seron Denelu

Look to the left of the Kinhouse, back on the road. Seron Denelu is working away at an outdoor forge, and he claims his apprentice disappeared while looking at some crates. Check between the houses near the forge to find the crates; you'll find a note in one of them. A Maulborn Rogue will appear when you investigate it, so be ready to fight when you turn around.

Dala Marys

Look near the peddler in Narsis. Dala's pacing here, and she's complaining of a missing husband. After speaking to Dala, turn and check the first in the line of houses across from the peddler's stand. Inside you'll find a dead man, and in the basement the husband is being accosted by a hooded figure who claims to be in the middle of an investigation. If you say you're working for the councilor she'll give you a letter to hand over. You'll see this woman again soon enough. (What happens if you choose the other option? Anyone?)


Check the large house in the southeast of Narsis. A woman inside, Anila, makes many pointed references to her master's journal. Go upstairs and read the journal in the bedroom. That'll do it. (You can also find lots of bookcases in here if you spend some time looking around. Check the rest of the master's room, as well as the main hallway and the side rooms on the ground floor.)

- Return to the Kinhouse after you've had a look at the three clues spread throughout the city. Ralden will thank you for your efforts, mull over the findings, and give you a reward. He'll also trigger another mission for you to complete, Unwanted Guests.


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    • profile image

      Kirpuff 3 years ago

      When you enter Dala's house I noticed you can also talk to her husband. You can interrogate him but I hadn't spent a point in it so I just finished the quest.

      Now Dala and her husband are gone. I wonder what would have happened if I interrogated him. *sad day*