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The Four Best PlayStation Titles

Updated on October 18, 2017
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Cameron Eittreim has been a licensed Bail Bondsmen for five years, and he is the author of American Bondsmen ISBN: 978-1-365-49244-0

The Games That Changed The World

The Sony PlayStation changed the face of gaming forever, not only knocking Nintendo and Sega off of their thrown but also introducing the world to many new games. We all have fond memories of our first Sony PlayStation console, I’ll never forget unwrapping that wonderfully simplistic grey console with the pop-up disk tray. I remember that I was amazed with the fact that my PlayStation could play all of my favorite audio disks, as well as my games too. The PlayStation was groundbreaking from a design standpoint and a gameplay standpoint as well, leaving a permanent mark on the video game industry to this day. In this article we will discuss the four greatest PlayStation games that you should invest in adding to your collection.

Driver: You Are the Wheelman

There is one game that I have never forgotten and I still play it to this day. Long before the grand theft auto franchise there was another full 3D game which encompassed all of the best features of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and was actually exclusive to the original PlayStation. Driver: You Are the Wheelman was game that continued to revolutionize the game industry, taking all of the best features of an action movie and cramming them all into a fully interactive video game. From the first moment that you sat down in front of Driver you knew that you were in for something very special.

The game takes real life driving characteristics and combines open area game play. Driver took the thrill of auto theft and combined with it with a stellar story line. With the driver game you were able to explore New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles. The sheer size of the digital worlds was impressive, as were the vehicle characteristics which even allowed you to wreck. The game was about as real as you could get at the time, and the story line wasn’t that bad either. From high-speed chases to driving away from a bank heist, Driver will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The franchise never got the attention that it deserved, otherwise I think that it would have been a bigger hit then Grand Theft Auto.

Spyro the Dragon:

The beauty of the original PlayStation console is how it introduced the world to so many memorable titles. Spyro the Dragon was the PlayStations answer to the bevy of different platformers hitting the Nintendo 64, and boy was he original. Never before had a Dragon had the pleasure of being the star of a game, and Spyro ended up being a major hit for Sony. The great thing about the PlayStation is that it didn’t rely on just one game to sell it, there was a huge amount of variety. Spyro not only introduced the world to a pretty unique story line, but who can forgot spitting fire on your enemies in a full 3D world. I mean who doesn’t like Dragons? Especially a purple one.

Spyro took beautiful graphics and allowed players to explore a medieval style world. The gameplay was far from lackluster, and the overall polish of the game was top notch. Spyro the Dragon ended up being a huge hit for Sony, and it ended up spawning many different renditions. Spyro was a lot different than its console counterpart Crash Bandicoot, which is why the two titles ended up being the most memorable in video game history. Sure the Nintendo 64 had interesting titles like Glover, but honestly who could pass up playing as the cool purple dragon.

Ape Escape:

The PlayStation just had so many good titles that it is hard to fit them all in one list. Ape Escape is definitely another one of my favorite platformers that was introduced on the Sony. The game which combined basic yet addictive gameplay with bright colorful graphics, made this an instant classic in the platform genre. Players control Spike, the main character which the game is centered around. His mission? To collect all of the apes throughout time. Sounds like an easy mission huh? Nope, the levels are very diverse and can go from easy to challenging depending on your level of skill.

Progressing through the game allows you to unlock many different gadgets, including bats and all kinds of different weapons for attacking your enemies. While Ape Escape was not as heavily marketed as its platform counterparts, this game was equally addictive and well put together. Ape Escape gave players a very challenging game to figure out, while sticking true to how a great platform game should be produced. If you have a collection of PlayStation games you should not skip over Ape Escape, this game is both fun and addictive and it brings out the best attributes of the PlayStation console.

Gran Turismo 2:

The quintessential most popular Sony PlayStation title has got to be Gran Turismo 2, a game that totally changed the way that we view console racing games for ever. The slogan for GT2 was the ultimate driving simulator, and this was never closer to the truth. Everything about GT2 was amazing, from the graphics to the stellar soundtrack. I spent hours upon hours playing this game non stop, trying to unlock more parts and bonuses so I could customize my cars.

This game let you build and customize any car to your liking, on top of having a very interesting tournament mode that kept you on the edge of your seat. There was nothing basic about GT2, which also game in a two disk set because it was so large. If you own a PlayStation console and you have never played the Gran Turismo franchise you are terribly missing out, so check out this legendary game today.


These are just a few of the great titles that have been released on the PlayStation console, and they all live up to the hype. The Sony PlayStation changed the way that we looked at video games and video game consoles forever, and these games are just a few of the amazing titles that were released for the console. If you have the pleasure of owning a PlayStation console you should definitely check these titles out.


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