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The Gaming Hub

Updated on August 6, 2015

Thoughts of this year best games

As this year is coming to a end. We still have games that are not released yet such as: Star Wars: Battlefront, Black Ops III, Halo 5, and etc. My honest opinion is that Star Wars: Battlefront will most likely win game of the year. Not just because Dice is helping with the game and that it is absolutely beautiful in frostbite 3 engine. From the gameplay footage I have came across and reviews I have read. I can say I will be buying this game for the Xbox one console. On to another great game this year is Halo 5. The Halo, the last Halo, or The one to end all Halo's. Just from the first few seconds of gameplay from the BETA and the E3 preview. Some viewers are saying that it is going towards the Call of Duty look now. I kind of see where they are coming from with this. The major issue I think what started this none sense was the ADS on mostly every weapon. When has any Halo game been able to ADS besides the BR and DMR. None so why change it now when the franchise is at its ending mark. The moment I played the beta it felt kind of like Destiny and Halo: Reach combined. Not saying that's a bad thing but I feel as though Bungie should have lend a hand on this project to make this Halo even better than Halo 4 which was a failed experiment to me. Also we have BO3 which is arriving in November this year like every other CoD does. The moment I seen robots and wall running I thought Titanfall on steroids. Yes, I said Titanfall due to the fact that the mechanics look a lot like the game. there is no AI or giant EXO suit robots but the wall running, sliding, weapon system upgrade, and character selection seems close. I might get a lot of people who disagree and agree but hey this is what this page is for. To give a honest opinion on games even though I am not being paid to do so.

Ps4 Vs Xbox One

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Xbox one & PS4

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2015 Year of the Gamer


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