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The Ecto1 Ghostbusters Diecast Collectible

Updated on February 1, 2015

Ecto-1 Diecast Car Collectible

Who are you gonna call?
Remember this not-so-famous-line-now but a big hit during the 80’s?

Some may answer with "Yeah, I do" (mostly readers who are kids during the awesome 80s)

But to those who are on the other end of the spectrum (mostly part of the younger generation), this particular phrase is from the Ghostbusters - a very popular cartoon TV show during the said era.

The Ghostbusters - a short introduction

The Ghostbusters’ is a multi media franchise whose plot combines supernatural phenomenon and comedy antics.

It appeared on both TV, the big screen / movies, and its toy line is equally popular.

There are four main characters (Peter, Egon, Ray, and WInstone) These individuals specializes in the detection, capture, and storage of ghosts. They have a secretary (Janine) and a ghost ally that goes by the name Slimer.

Location is set at New York - for both movies and most of the cartoon episodes

The Hunt for The Ecto Diecast

The Ghostbusters diecast is a holy grail to some movie car diecast collectors.

The Ecto-1 diecast collectible has been on the wishlist or "looking-for" list of many diecast movie car collectors.

In fact, many has has given up looking for this particular diecast simply because it is very hard to find (VHTF) While to those who have found an Ecto-1 diecast, they have seemingly backed-out due to its very stiff price – cough online stores cough and hobby shops cough

Hooray for Hotwheels

However, movie car diecast collectors had their hopes rekindled last 2010.

Mattel – Hotwheels, has released an Ecto-1 diecast replica on its 2010 mainline release - 1/64 scale (the ones usually seen on stores and malls).

This particular diecast is the one shown on the photos above. The design is quite bland giving room for hobbyist to modify the design.

The photo above cotains the stock and modified 2010 Ecto diecast - the former has the black roof and the latter is the more detailed version.

However, more detailed accurate Ecto diecast replicas has been released on convention and Hotwheels Red Line Club - but of course, this are also more expensive.

Also, bigger scale models are more accurate but also pegged at a higher price as can be seen on some samples below:

Woes of a movie car diecast collector

Unfortunately, diecast movie car collecting, even though a simple and small hobby - it is a controlled one.

The 2010 Hotwheels Ghostbusters diecast are not that mass produced and a lot of people has seemingly hoarded said items.

1/64 ghostbusters diecast are flooding numerous online stores, forums, and yes - this include Ebay. Needless to say, the prices of these 2010 ghosbusters diecast has doubled and some collectors are forced to buy at this ballooned rate.

Anyway, let me end this article that it's a good thing I am able to secure items of this diecast. I was able to request a friend to modifiy one to look like the actual car.

FYI please that Ecto-1 is the car of the Ghostbusters and is equipped with proton packs and a proto cannon.


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    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Yup, the smaller ones are quite hard to find while the bigger 1:18 scale by Hotwheels is relatively easy but also comes with a high price :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Aaarggghhh!!!! This small scale ecto-1 is really hard to find. And the bigger ones are just too expensive!!!!!


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