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The Greatest Fallout Game Is Fallout 2

Updated on June 18, 2014

Fallout 2

Fallout two start menu
Fallout two start menu

Fallout 2 gameplay

Fallout Series

The Fallout series isn't just any western rpg series, it is probably one of the greatest non traditional Rpg's ever created. Many people who like computer based rpg's enjoy the mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role playing games). I do not feel at all the same in any respect. I have never been a huge friend of the pc based rpg, however, if you can find something as perfect as the fallout series there is no denying gaming greatness. I first played Fallout one based off the advice of an older gamer. When I began playing the game I was immediately hooked. I couldn't even stop playing. I usually have a very good level of willpower and can put the game down after a few hours. This game would not let me go. As became immersed in one of the coolest video game worlds I had ever seen, I managed to die repeatedly. That did not stop me though. I began leveling and gaining perks raising my abilities. There was so much customization. The possibilities in the game seemed almost endless. However, shortly after playing Fallout 2 fell into my lap and Fallout one just seemed like a straight lined game. The second game truly gave you so many options I doubt anyone could do everything possible in the game. There wasn't any time to stop playing Fallout 2, you were thrown into game that was serious and funny all at the same time. You had the most intense finishes an rpg has ever allowed. Never before had I played an RPG where there was so much carnage, and it just made the game feel more real. It made it feel like sometimes getting hit with certain things is going to cause some real destruction of the body. The game was and still is a master piece. After a decade we were finally given a real sequel, Fallout 3 and it's spinoff Fallout New Vegas. These games have amazing graphics, they are a lot of fun and quite immersive. You feel much more there due to its better technology and higher end processing power. Yet, looks aside they made the game a lot more action based and took away a lot of it's customization. The characters were left with much less then there predecessors. Remember Fallout 1 and 2 were extremely adult in certain situations, whereas these new games were slightly more Everyone friendly.

Character made with low intellect

Why Fallout 2 Is the best in the series

Fallout 2 is the best in the series because it offered you more. It gave real reasons to play the game as an intellectual ( meaning making your character very smart and giving him high charisma). You could talk and figure things out and be offered more dialogue options when your character displayed certain attributes. I enjoyed being a an extremely strong character with the gif of gab. I could talk anyone into anything and in the slight situation that I couldn't I could sledgehammer there head with the Super Sledge. Either way there's just so much to the game its hard to even put it all down in writing. This is a game you have to experience. It brings some of the coolest ideas together with fun gameplay and intricate level up systems. This isn't your simple level up and gain attack defense etc. You get your increases and build up your attributes with points and increase your perks. This game is not a simple rpg but something that takes no knowledge to play at the same time. As soon as you start playing you are offered a game that gives just enough explanation so you don't do something stupid. This game gives you an option to be a doctor, in the sense that you are a healer, or a master at picking locks. You can be a scientist and fix machine open doors others can't etc. The options here are endless. You can be a lady killer/gigolo lol. It helps you more easily converse with woman in the game and get better options during dialogue with female NPCs. You can be a boxer or karate master, and literally kill enemies with your bare hands. This game offers you a delightful amount of options. I can guarantee that anyone who plays this game and gives it 30 minutes will love this game. Once you get done doing introductory activities you really get to experience a game that doesn't have any true copies. Not one rpg I have played has been very similar to Fallout 2, granted the sequels have been similar to Skyrim in a sense. Again, we are focusing on Fallout 2 not the newer games that are developed by Bethesda. Now remember these games aren't going to blow you away graphics wise. I feel that the graphics are pretty good, but the game was also made in 1997-1998 so you can't expect what you see today. Give this game a chance you won't regret it.

Fallout 2 Intro

Fallout 2 screen

Fallout 2 screen
Fallout 2 screen

Fallout 2 story

The Fallout stories have always been similar. I'd say other then this one New Vegas has one of the most different stories. Usually stories within these games take place where you are what is called a Vault Dweller. After World War 3 in the 1950's everyone retreats underground to live in vaults in order to escape radiation and the overall destruction of the world. However, Fallout 2 put you in a situation where this vault has made its way to the surface level and for some time the people of your vault have become a tribe. In a sense the people have become people who live off the land in an almost jungle like setting. It is up to you to bring back the G.E.C.K which will help your entire tribe develop into a full fledge city. The issue here is that you must go and retrieve one with no idea where to find one. You have to find a vault that has either been left or something of that nature and find one to bring to your home in order to save it. This mean in the beginning you are put on a time limit, but it is a very relaxed one. Really the amount of time you have will be more then enough to let you experience the game and save your village. Lets just say that after that not only are free to enjoy the game fully but that isn't even the main objective to finish the game. So when it comes to inventive stories this one puts a nice twist on the Fallout norm. This game has everything from western age sheriffs, to the mob. You will come across alcoholics, junkies and just criminals. There will be vigilantes, slave trader, and so much discourse through out the land that you wont be able to do everything. Mutated everything to aliens. This game has so much in it that you won't run out of things to do and again this is what makes a game like this so great.

Fallout 2 gameplay

Fallout 2 city

Fallout 2 City
Fallout 2 City

Fallout 2 Battle with Death Claws


Fallout Battle System

The Fallout battle system of old is very strategy based, everything is based off your ap points. Movement and attack all have to do with your initial points per turn. Terrain and walls can be used as ways to hide from enemy attacks. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself and many ways to ensure you do not get killed. You could literally find multiple ways to defeat and enemy up to setting dynamite on a timer. You can inject them with drugs during the fight and cause them to overdose, or get sick. So many things are possible. You have a limited amount of ways to win fights. You just have to be wary of your action points. Be prepared to be ganged up on and die a lot. The game is relentless, meaning its not going to go easy on you just because, it really isn't that type of game. What a lot of the game comes down to is having the right knowledge of your character. Do not try to throw a grenade if your character has horrible throwing ability or explosive knowledge. Chance are it will be thrown either in the wrong direction, or not make it to the enemy. In this case you are taking a chance of killing yourself. During the game don't constantly try to fight hand to hand if your character is weak or doesn't have hand to hand combat ability. You will most likely find your self out matched by a character with better ability. Sometimes a character will have such a poor small guns ability that he will shoot a machine gun and literally cripple his own arm. Yes this game does not play around, another reason you need to put some attribute points in the luck category.

Fallout 2 brotherhood

Fallout 2 brotherhood
Fallout 2 brotherhood

Fallout poll

Which Fallout do you like best?

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Fallout 2 the best in the series

Overall this game is not going to have the best graphics. If you aren't huge into tactical battle then the newer Fallouts will be for you. Fallout 2 has more of everything over its future entries, but it does not have the simplicity of gameplay of the newer entries, or the stunning look. Credit where credit is due the newer games which are also great are beautiful. Fallout 3 and New Vegas graphically took Fallout where I had always hoped it would. The game looks great, but they left behind a lot of what made Fallout, Fallout. Fallout 2 does an excellent job at being what the creators wanted and beautiful looking for the time it was made. Don't pass up on playing this incredible game.

Fallout 2


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    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Yes hopefully this will be read by fans of the newer sequels so they can discover the roots of the game.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 

      4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      You really know your games! I hope all the Fallout fans see this article!

    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Fallout 3 and New Vegas are excellent games, I certainly won't take that away from Bethseda, but if you give the original games a try I think it'll really explain what made the sequels so great. Fallout 2 will give you perspective on the series.

    • Rilese profile image

      Riley Baines 

      4 years ago from Canada

      This makes me want to give Fallout 2 a try. I was a huge fan of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, but I haven't tried any of the earlier games. I feel like I was trapped in the same situation as you in that when I tried Fallout I did not want to put it down.


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