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The Guild Master's Handbook: How to Make a Raid Guild in an MMORPG.

Updated on August 26, 2014

How to start a guild and make it a big one.

If you are starting to make a guild from the ground up and are alone or with a few friends - you may feel intimidated or that it is impossible. You may wonder how the larger and stronger guilds have achieved so much and have so many members. Why do people join these guilds?

First of all, this is not something to think about now. You have nothing at the moment. And thinking about the end result will only intimidate you. The fact is that if you have a strong personality, leadership capacity, patience and are willing to learn - you can make a great guild.

It takes dedication, hard work and does not simply happen overnight. I know this because I started off alone in the first game that I wanted to compete in and although it took me 6 months to get anywhere, eventually my guild was in the top 20 on the server out of 3000 guilds.

I started with absolutely nobody. I was new to the game and began at launch. I had a pretty good idea about some things and no clue about many things. I promised myself that this game would be where I either got to the top or failed completely. Failure was not really an option for me because I was tired of being in guilds and wanted to make something special that I could be proud of. And I wanted to create a community where people could feel comfortable, have fun and at the same time cause lots of trouble in PvP.

Note that no matter what tips and advice you follow, increasing your guild size and having a great group will take on a life of its own. Some things can't be predicted. For example during the 2 years spent on the server I was on, numerous guilds joined us. They merged with us as they were made up of about 6 to 12 people and wanted to be a part of a larger raiding group as they could not do this with so few members. I never knew this would happen. They contacted us and made the offer. And other things happen too where you have people who know people and they recruit a family or 5 friends. This is also not something I would have predicted and it happened a lot. It was not only my own recruiting that got us to 250 members with 50 online during the most active days on the server. And certainly not only my leadership that got us to the top 10. I had lots of help.

Get Voice Chat and a Website

What to do before you recruit.

Before you recruit, there are many things you can do to set up a welcoming community for the members who join you. This will impress upon them that you are organised, know what you are doing and also provide them with everything they need to help everyone, communicate with each other and feel like they are a part of a team with goals.

At the beginning when you are alone or with a few people, you are actually marketing yourself and your guild. You need to give members a reason to stay with you after they join. People change guilds all the time. Accept this. No matter what you do people come and go. Better guilds retain their members and people join up often so the people you lose does not effect you that badly.

Note: The information I am providing you with is for a hardcore, competitive and large sized PvP focused guild but you can apply the same techniques for any size or type of guild. Your focus will be different but the approach works regardless.

Here is a list of what you can set up before the game launches. If you have already started playing, that is OK. Just get these things done as soon as you can. Get help if possible.

1 A Website

2 A Facebook Page

3 A Twitter Account (optional)

4 Voice Chat

5 A Guild Email

6 A Guild Charter

7 Guild Rules

8 Recruitment messages on game forums and sites like MMORPG.COM and Ten Ton Hammer

9 A Guild Logo

10 A Reward System (You can use DKP if you like. DKP: Dungeon Kill Points)

11 A List of Guild Events

Play together with your guild members.

Start the game, play with others and recruit.

Once you have set your guild up in game and in the above mentioned list, you begin the game. Do not play alone. If there is a level you must reach before you can register your guild, get there fast. And if there is a fee required to open it, save that gold quickly. At low level areas you can grind off levels. Grinding is basically klilling monsters to level. You can skip quests oridinarily here. Questing and grinding is best. Even if you had to get to level 10 to register, now go back to the beginning area and invite people to group up and play. Help them,

While you are playing tell them about your new guild and ask them if they would like to join. Get them on Ventrilo or Skype if you want a free voice chat system to begin. Play the game, quest with them and you begin to meet people. People will join you and now you have a group to level up with and learn the new game.

This is the very first step. Once you have some members, tell them about how you need help to recruit and ask them if they would like to help you. Not everyone will want to but that is ok. You need regular members too.

As time passes and you continue to group up, recruit in this social and helpful way, others will join by the members you have recruiting them. It is lots of work to begin a guild. Do not give up.

Your first members will level up before other new members. But you want to continue to recruit in starting areas. And when you have 25 to 50 people you need to have a meeting with your guild.

Place a message in the MOTD (Message of the Day) asking for officers to help you with raids, dungeons, communications, scouting and other jobs you need filled. Those interested will offer their service.

When your guild is new and the game is new, it is advised to continue to recruit newcomers to the game and as your guild gets larger and known, higher levels join. Everyone should be able to recruit. Give them this power. When they do a dungeon or meet people in game, they will recruit friends and people they meet. You want them to have their friends in your guild as it is more fun for them and makes a community.

One weekly meeting or guild event such as a guild picture for your website or a meet and greet in a cool looking part of the game is suggested. When all of you are together, everyone sees that they are a part of something.

You may even wish to help out people who are having a hard time with a group of more seasoned players. This builds loyalty.

This method works for starting off a guild.

Final Note

Please remember that I did not know how to run a legion or even how to play when I started off in 2004, I learned some of what I know from playing in other guilds. And some it from the very best types of guilds. It was only after many years that I was able to make a name for myself online and I did not do this alone. I had many friends, officers, assistants and just great people who helped me.

And without all of these people and my own personal experiences of what I like about certain guilds and what I absolutely hated about others - I would never have come up with something I am happy about.

Thanks for reading!

©Randall Jonas 2014


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