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The Horror of Eternal 5:01 | A Sims 3 Modding Glitch

Updated on October 13, 2009

Modding the Sims 3 is an excellent way to spice up game play. AwesomeMod, one of the most popular mods for the Sims 3 opens up the game in ways which make it far less tedious than the original version. AwesomeMod allows you to turn off the annoying prompts which double check that you don't want to delete a character, or quit the game entirely. It also stops a few of the more annoying game dynamics from occurring, such as Sims not in the active house suddenly disappearing from the game world. (Where do they move to, those sims who move out of town, never to be heard from again? What lies beyond the borders of Riverview and Sunset Valley? Is it a sweet land full of milk and honey, or is it something, more... sinister?)

It also turns off the annoying blur which occurs whenever your Sims are naked, after all there's nothing to be seen there, it's about as titillating as stripping a Barbie down. Toileting interactions are still blurred, mostly for a lack of a peeing animation deemed acceptable for the viewing public.

AwesomeMod has many upsides, most of which I don't have the time or space to comment upon here. If you're interested in finding out how wonderful it is, why not go download it or check it out on (they really are more awesome than you, that's not just a hollow Internet boast.)

What AwesomeMod also has, are some stellar downsides and the ability to create some really wicked glitches. Most of these glitches are fairly minor and simply result in the borking of your game save, effectively ruining that game you were playing for all time. Occasionally however, a glitch comes along that is so incredibly interesting that it's actually worth documenting in both video and text.


That's right. After making my active house Sacred, then kicking out a sim, things began to go horribly wrong in Riverview. For the first few hours, no problems were obvious, then, as Sims began to leave work and school and go home, a disturbing trend emerged. They couldn't go home. They were all stuck. Standing there, looking around like frozen lemmings. Unable to move. Unable to help themselves. ResetSim did nothing. Slowly, their moodlets decayed and they began to starve, pee themselves and generally have a fairly miserable time of it. Two of the sim children in the active household were taken away by the social worker, but even she couldn't overcome this awesome glitch. Though they dissapeard from the active house bar, they remained with their school mates, standing outside the school house, wanting to go home, but frozen in time.

Around the town, the situation repeated itself. Chefs, policemen, firefighters, politicians, nobody could go home. Nobody could move. Imagine that. Imagine an eternal 4.59, or rather, an eternal 5.01.

I made this video to document their ordeal.


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