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The Hottest PS3 Games For Christmas 2011: The Top Holiday Playstation 3 Video Game Releases

Updated on September 13, 2011

No time of the year is more exciting for PlayStation 3 gamers than the holidays. To take advantage of the Christmas season, game companies a slew of top games from September to December. The PS3 is expecting an especially great Christmas season. Some of the hottest games being released for Christmas 2011 are PS3 exclusives.

Like usual, the list of top PS3 games for the holidays has a diverse range of genres to choose from. Shooters, RPGs, action-adventure, and more are all among the most popular titles being released just in time for Christmas. Read on to find out what the best choices for gaming in the holiday season are.

Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception

It doesn't get much better than Uncharted 3. A sequel to the critically acclaimed action-adventure series, players once again take control of Nathan Drake on a grand, globe-hopping adventure. The previous two games are renowned for their ability to create a truly interactive cinematic experience. Many games awkwardly shoehorn in cut scenes and journal entries to simulate story telling, but you'll never feel more like you're watching a modern action film while playing a game than when you're scaling walls in Uncharted.

Set to be released in November, Uncharted 3 is supposed to be the hottest game for the 2011 Christmas season. If you're not caught up with the previous entries in this awesome series, consider picking up Uncharted 3's predecessors

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Christmas time! That means, of course, a new Call of Duty game to sate the appetite of gamers hungry for the latest multiplayer FPS. Gamers are returning to the present day after a brief detour to into the Cold War with last year's Black Ops. Players return to the shoes of fan favorite protagonist Soap MacTavish and fight all manner of terrorists, rogue armies, and rioting indigenous people.

Like always, players can expect a tight story and solid FPS mechanics. But the real meat of the game, like all of the COD titles, is in the online play. Soar through the leader boards, play co-op with a buddy, and make new friends while running and gunning. Check out the "Hardened Edition" special release for an extra-memorable Christmas present.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The long wait is nearly over: it is time, once again, for the latest in modern RPGs. This Christmas, you can be assured that this will be one of the hottest titles on the shelves. Roaming the mountainous regions of Skyrim, players will once again kill monsters, cast spells, and indiscriminately annoy the uniquely intelligent local townfolk.

This time, players get some one-on-one time with dragons. Learn their tongue, master their magic, and maybe kill a few fire breathers along the way. In addition to the sword and sorcerery, players will be able to build up local towns by improving their economy or send the residents to the poor house by sabotaging the local refineries and mills and putting people out of work.

Fans of RPGs should definitely put this on their Christmas list for 2011. The special edition is pretty pricey but for big time fantasy nerds it might look extra special under the tree this December.

Saint's Row: The Third

What was once a second-tier GTA ripoff has become a testament to the joy of pure chaos. Saint's Row: The Third mixes open world gang warfare with a unique sense of humor and the beauty of inspired nonsense. Players will drive bizarre vehicles, call in air strikes, and shoot, *ahem*, adult pleasure devices at their opponents while being able to fully customize their player character.

A true sandbox game, Saint's Row: The Third will be the perfect opportunity to introduce a little light hearted mayhem to your holiday adventures. Christmas 2011 will be a truly one of a kind experience once you drive down the street, drop your AK, and blast your rival with an octopus gun.

Resistance 3

Resistance 3 is one of the premier PlayStation 3 exclusives. This Christmas, expect it to be one of the most popular games for Christmas 2011. A moody, sci-fi alternative to the dingy, realistic environments of your Call of Duty's and Battlefield series. The originator of the cover based shooters, this hot holiday title helped is part of what has helped to make the PS3 one of the leading consoles on the market.

Other Top PS3 Christmas Games for 2011

  • Batman: Arkham City - Players can once again take control of the Dark Knight while he busts criminal heads and stalks evil doers, sight unseen. Moving out of the cramped hallways of the Arkham Asylum and into the streets of Gotham City, control Batman and Catwoman as they take on classic villains like Two Face, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and The Joker.
  • Battlefield 3 - Set up as a direct competitor to the Call of Duty franchise, this FPS is another top Christmas game this year.
  • Dead Island - Zombies are hot. Tropical islands are hot. Killing zombies on a tropical island makes for a super, mega, ultra hot PS3 game. Already a top seller after just a week on the market, Dead Island is certain to be one of the most requested games for the PS3 this holiday season.
  • Madden 12 - Every year, there's a new edition of this football fan favorite. Check the out the '12 edition for your Christmas in 2011.


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