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The King of Handheld Gaming Devices: Sony PlayStation Vita (PSP) First Look

Updated on November 23, 2011

Playstation Vita

Playstation Vita 5-inch touch screen
Playstation Vita 5-inch touch screen
PlayStation Vita rear side multi-touch pad.
PlayStation Vita rear side multi-touch pad.

The Next-Gen PSP: PlayStation Vita

Sony has declared the launch of a new handheld gaming device- The PlayStation Vita. In a press release organized for the launch of PS3 peripherals and software, Sony deliberately dropped some hint about an all new handheld gaming device to be launched soon, towards the end of this year. The PlayStation Vita is sleeker and much more elegant than the previous versions. The name Vita means Life in Latin and the device aims at giving new life to the graphics rich games and game enthusiasts. Using a revolutionary combination of social networking and rich gaming experience the PlayStation Vita will renovate the world of gaming by giving a touch of social connectivity to the gamers.

Sony has planned to launch the PlayStation Vita in the global market with a tag of $249. The details of this PlayStation portable device can be viewed on the PlayStation Website and the PlayStation Vita can be preordered on Amazon at $249.99.

The ultimate portable gaming experience
The ultimate portable gaming experience

The PlayStation Vita is sleek and is equipped with a 5-inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) multi touch display and an exclusive touch pad on the rear side. There are two analog sticks to assist the gamers in playing a wider range of games and gives access to a wider number of controls. The PlayStation Portable is loaded with motion sensors and Six-Axis Sensors for an enchanting gaming experience.

You can integrate your PS3 with the PlayStation Vita and enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience with compatible software. The PlayStation Vita is launched in partnership with AT&T and the Wi-Fi and 3G functions of the device will be powered by AT&T in USA. AT&T is the fastest mobile network provider in USA and an ideal partner for Sony’s PlayStation Portable Vita. These Wi-Fi or 3G/Wi-Fi enabled devices will open infinite possibilities to the gamer to discover, connect, share and play with friends and to download games from the PlayStation Website.

Vita has an interactive online area called the LiveArea, from where you can access latest information on games through the PlayStation website. There are other features on the PlayStation website that will enable you to see other gamers’ activity. You can even text chat while playing a game on the Vita.

The next generation PlayStation Portable, Vita guarantees an enchanting gaming experience. The unchallenged leader in handheld gaming devices has launched the all new King of all Handheld gaming devices. Grab your chance of being the first among your friends to own The PlayStation Vita.


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