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The Last Of Us - Playstation 3 Trophy List

Updated on January 23, 2015

The Last of Us is an amazing Playstation 3 game in the survival horror genre. It has 24 trophies total, with 1 platinum, 7 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze (without the new DLC, Left Behind). Getting these trophies involves playing the game more than once as well as playing in the multiplayer offerings as well.

The game follows two main characters, Joel and Ellie, as they traverse a post-pandemic world on an epic journey. The game features several survival horror elements and has an emphasis on stealth play. The game offers probably between 15-20 hours in the main story, and more playtime through replays and online content.

The game offers four difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, and survival. Survival mode will only be unlocked after you finish the game on any other difficulty, and it is the hardest difficulty available in the game. There are also the same difficulty levels available for a New Game +.

Getting to that platinum trophy may be tough. The hardest trophy is probably No Matter What (Survivor). This trophy requires you to beat the game on Survival Mode, which is the hardest difficulty in the game. You won't get much ammo or supplies while playing this mode. Luckily, New Game + allows you to carry over your previous upgrades, so it's significantly easier to get the The Last Of Us (Survivor +) trophy.

Other than that one trophy, most of the trophies can be completed fairly easily, although they are time consuming and may require you to use a guide. The difficulty level here not only tells you how hard a trophy is, but how time-consuming it will be to achieve. The trophies that take a lot of time include Scavenger, Look For The Light, and It Was All Just Lying There. Check out Game Dynamo, as they usually have collectible guides available. Follow a guide carefully, as the game tends to autosave often and there is usually no way to backtrack without reloading an old manual save or starting over. If you miss something, you may find yourself needing to run another playthrough.

Overall, this game is a ton of fun and it tells a story like no other. Achieving the platinum is a worthy goal that demonstrates serious skill in the survival horror genre. It's definitely a welcome addition to any trophy hunter's list.


Bronze Trophies

Endure and Survive - Bronze
Difficulty Level - 6/10

Collect all the comics.

I Got This - Bronze
Difficulty Level - 3/10
Find all the training manuals.

Knowing The Basics - Bronze (multiplayer)
Difficulty Level - 2/10
*WARNING! This trophy may be glitched*
Win a game of "Supply Raid' and "Survivors" using Find Match.

Let's Gear Up - Bronze
Difficulty Level - 2/10
Craft every type of item.

Master of Unlocking - Bronze
Difficulty Level - 6/10
Unlock all the shiv doors.

No Matter What (Easy) - Bronze
Difficulty Level - 2/10
Beat the game on Easy difficulty.

Populace - Bronze (multiplayer)
Difficulty Level - 4/10
Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.


Silver Trophies

Everything We've Been Through - Silver
Difficulty Level - 5/10
Completely upgrade Joel using supplements.

I Want To Talk About It - Silver
Difficulty Level - 7/10
Engage in all optional conversations.

It Was All Just Lying There - Silver
Difficulty Level - 7/10
Find all the Artifacts.

The Last of Us (Easy+) - Silver
Difficulty Level - 2/10
Beat a New Game + on Easy difficulty.

The Last of Us (Normal+) - Silver
Difficulty Level - 3/10
Beat a New Game + on Normal difficultly.

The Last of Us (Hard+) - Silver
Difficulty Level - 5/10
Beat a New Game + on Hard difficultly.

Look For The Light - Silver
Difficulty Level - 7/10
Find all the Firefly Pendants.

No Matter What (Normal) - Silver
Difficulty Level - 4/10
Beat the game on Normal difficulty.

No Matter What (Hard) - Silver
Difficulty Level - 6/10
Beat the game on Hard difficulty.


Gold Trophies

Firefly - Gold (multiplayer)
Difficulty Level - 4/10
Complete the Firefly journey.

For Emergencies Only - Gold
Difficulty Level - 6/10
Fully upgrade all weapons.

Hunter - Gold (multiplayer)
Difficulty Level - 4/10
Complete the Hunter journey.

The Last of Us (Survivor+) - Gold
Difficulty Level - 7/10
Beat a New Game + on Survivor difficulty.

No Matter What (Survivor) - Gold
Difficulty Level - 9/10
Beat the game on Survivor difficulty.

Scavenger - Gold
Difficulty Level - 7/10
Find all the collectibles.

That's All I Got - Gold
Difficulty Level - 8/10
Listen to all of Ellie's jokes.


Platinum Trophy!

It Can't Be For Nothing - Platinum
Overall Difficulty Level - 8/10
Get all other trophies.

If you've gotten the platinum trophy, take a minute and give yourself a pat on the back! You are a true survivor. Congratulations!

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5 stars for The Last Of Us


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    • crazyduck profile image

      crazyduck 4 years ago

      The last of us is an awesome game! I am currently playing it right now, and I am overwhelmed with the graphics and how much the game pulls you in! Thanks for the trophies list as now I can go and get them in game. At least I now know that crafting every item gives you an achievement, as I thought my friend was telling me a lie.