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The Lego Simpsons House - Release Date, Price & Preview

Updated on January 14, 2014

In this article we are having a look at the brand new Lego The Simpsons House. This is the first set released from the new Simpsons line and we will look at the Simpsons House release date, we will review the set, look at the price and we will also tell you exactly there you can get hold of this exciting new set from. If you are a fan of Lego and you love the Simpsons then this is something that you are really going to enjoy.

Lego is one of the most well known toys on the market. The little bricks have been keeping children the world over entertained for many decades now. Along with that, the Simpsons is one of the most popular TV shows going and has been for over twenty years. Children both young and old love The Simpsons so this would seem like the ideal match for Lego. So in 2014 Lego have finally brought out some Simpsons Lego. The release is very much anticipated and we are very excited about it. So without further ado let’s take a look at the first Lego set that is going to be released for us all to buy.

The New Lego House

Simpsons House Release Date & News

So for of all let’s talk about release date. We were expecting to have to wait until spring but the great news is that the release date has been brought forward and you will be able to get your hands on this set as of the 1st of February. It may even start showing up a little earlier online. We are expecting more sets to be released later in the year if this one does as well as everyone is expecting. So let’s have a look at the set.

Everyone who has been anticipating this first release has been dying to know which minifigures we would be getting. Well now we can tell you there are going to be six Simpsons Minifigures released with the Simpsons House. These will be Bart, Lisa, Marge, Homer, Maggie and Ned Flanders. No real surprises with any of those apart from maybe the inclusion of Ned. The best one looks to be Marge, her hair is stunning and really looks good in Lego format. The other minifigures are also very good, they all look very realistic and have converted into Lego very well. We love Flanders with his little moustache and glasses that almost make him look like his eyes are going to pop out of his head.

So what about the build. Where this is going to be a massive set with over 2500 pieces included! As you can imagine that makes this a very expensive set indeed. We are looking at a price of around $200 to start with so this is not a cheap one. The build is not overly complicated and should not really trouble anyone having a go at it although it does say for ages 12+ so obviously the amount of bricks may confuse some people. This set has the item number 71006 which will have some significance to some people. So now let’s review the set itself.

Ned Flanders Minifigure

The Simpsons House A Closer Look

So the Lego build mainly consists of the house and garage. The similarities to the actual house in the show are impressive and there are lots of really good details there ranging from the windows to the little aerial on the roof.. Everything is just as it should be and it really does look good. The best feature of the house is that it splits open and so you can see inside the house itself. There are lots of rooms to build including the living room, kitchen, Lisa’s bedroom, Bart’s room, Homer and Marge’s Room and a bathroom. You can also detach the roof and top floor to have a closer look inside the rooms. Every room has it’s own individual features, for example Bart’s room has a desk and chair, a Crusty the clown poster, his baseball cap, his skateboard and his bed.

Along with the house the garage also detaches away so you can play with it separately. There is tons of detail in the garage including a workbench, wheel barrow and lots of other things. There is also room for the car which is really nicely done. The car features moving tires and the doors open, plus of course it is pink just like in the cartoon. The attention to detail on the car really is impressive, right down to the number plate.

As well as the main build there are a few extras included such as a BBQ, a skate ramp for Bart and his skateboard, there is a really cute little mail box with the little red flag that we are all so familiar with. There are also a few other really nice touches included such as the piano and the TV which has Itchy & Scratchy on it. We also really like the air conditioner that has ‘Property of New Flanders’ stamped on the side, another really nice detail.

At the moment there is no concrete news about other Lego Simpsons sets which may be coming out. What we do know however is that in April we will be getting Series 13 of the Lego Minifigures and these are all going to be Simpsons characters which is very exciting indeed. That means 16 new figures released. It remains to be seen if the main family will be including amongst those 16 or if you will have to buy The Simpsons House to get your hands on these minifigures.

Overall then this new Simpsons House really does look good. The only downside is of course the price, at around $200 not everyone will be able to afford this build but even so it is one that everyone will certainly want. We are hoping that in the near future we will get some smaller Simpsons sets that will of course be more affordable and more available to more people. For now though the Simpsons House really is an exciting prospect and fans of the TV Show really are going to love everything about this new release. With the release date now brought forward it means that we won’t have to wait long till we can get our hands on this exciting new Lego set.


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