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The Many Faces of CandyLand

Updated on August 18, 2015

Candy Land Board Game

I remember the fun Candy Land game from when I was a kid. But, through the years, the game just isn't quite the same as it once was. I mean, you've got Candy Land DVD games and Dora the Explorer versions.

But, still, the game seems to be the same basic premise of the original Candy Land Game.

This fun, family racing game takes you through a candy world with Candy Cane Forest, Gum Drop Mountain, Molasses Swamp, and the Lollipop Woods.

You'll encounter characters such as Queen Frostine, Grandma Nutt, Gingerbread People, Mr. Mint, King Kandy, Jolly, Plumpy, Mama Ginger Tree, Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice, and Gloppy the Molasses Monster (or Chocolate Monster).

The Classic Candy Land

There are 134 brightly colored blocks that your character piece must land on to determine your place in the race. You want to be the first one to land on the last square of the twirly, candy land road (But, I believe this would be the concept throughout any version of the game).

By choosing a card, you will find out if which color block you'll land on, and how many you get to skip. The catch is that you may find yourself moving either forward or backward.

I mean what challenge would it be if you only had the option of going forward? There has to be some penalty even in a candy based world.

Candy Land Castle Game

The Hasbro Candy Land game is a little different than the board game that we're all used to. This Candy Land game is geared for preschool children, teaching coordination and matching skills.

There is a gingerbread game board with brightly colored pieces. This game is meant to be bright and colorful to catch the eye and attention of the game's youngest players.

There is no assembly required for this innovative Candy Land game, but you'd think there would be considering that you can drop the colorful game pieces into the top of King Kandy's castle and then retrieve them by pulling on a lever, which causes the pieces to slide down the chute.

Complicated? No, not really. Remember, the game was created for the youngest players in your home.

Candy Land DVD Game

Being that today is the society or video games and computer games, it's only natural that the original Candy Land board game is revamped into a fun, interactive DVD game.

The animated Candy Land game is made for kids aged 3 and up.

This version of the game is taken straight from the original. There are just a few differences between this DVD game and the original board game; instead of a game board, players use a stack of 24 8" square mats either of a solid color or featuring the Candy Land characters.

There are interesting game challenges that are brought into play with the DVD.


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    • AAbbott78 profile image

      AAbbott78 7 years ago from Napa, CA

      I enjoyed playing Classic Candy Land as a kid! Great to see the different versions.


    • Mystic Biscuit profile image

      Mystic Biscuit 9 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      I used to play this when I was just a tot - whoodathunk there would end up being so many takes on this simple game! And who knows what variations will come in the next 20 years?? Fun hub, Whitney!