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The Order of the Pokeknights

Updated on November 21, 2015

What Are We?

First let's start off with talking about what this order is. It's a group of Pokemon fans who love Pokemon so much, that we are trying to make it be the number 1 game franchise, maybe eventually just franchise, in the world. As of right now it is the second best selling one, being beat only by Mario by about 200 million copies.

Now, that might sound like a lot, but you need to look at it in perspective. Mario was made in 1981 (Donkey Kong) and Pokemon was made in 1996. That's a 15 year difference! So the fact that Pokemon is just behind them is amazing. Now 2015 didn't help Pokemon at all, considering they didn't make any new games this year. However, with that said, 2016 can help A LOT thanks to the new games they're making including: Red, Yellow, Blue remakes, Pokemon Go, POSSIBLE GEN 7 GAME OR POKEMON Z, among others.


Like stated above, many more Pokemon games will be released next year and many more that are speculated. The following are some trailers and rumors:

Pokemon Go

Okay, so Pokemon Go won't help sell any copies as it's going to be a free-to-play app. But there will most likely be in app purchases which will help Pokemon grow. Plus, with it being free it might cause some people who don't normally play Pokemon to try it out and play that, which might cause them to like it and go out to buy the other Pokemon Games.

Check out this store for cool Pokemon things:

Pokemon Remakes

So it's been confirmed that Red, Blue, and Yellow are going to have a remake in February. And the best part? IT'S ONLY TEN DOLLARS!!! So not only will these three games be sold for a total of $30, but those who buy all three will be helping out Pokemon with their total copies sold. And considering the MILLIONS of Pokemon fans there are, many will be getting all three, as well as all of the other Pokemon games there are next year.

How Long Will This Take?

There's no way to really know how long it will take for Pokemon to become #1, but it's definitely in the next 5 years. Pokemon is continuously growing and more and more games keep getting released, where as Mario releases 1 game a year.

Now the only thing there IS to worry about is Grand Theft Auto, as that's in third place, just 30 million behind Pokemon. However, this still shouldn't be much of a problem as GTA games hardly come out, they get released about every 3 years. And with none really confirmed as of yet, Pokemon can easily game several more million sales these next couple years.


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