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The PSP 3000 Perks and Quirks

Updated on March 11, 2011

SP-3000 Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack

PSP 3000: Console Review

Avid PSP enthusiasts will surely have something to look forward to now that the PSP 3000 is available. With tight competition in the market, the Sony PSP is key contender when it comes to people’s top list of portable gaming consoles in the market today. Now, they have even more reason to celebrate since Sony has released the Sony PSP 3000, an upgraded version of its predecessors, the PSP 2000.

At $169.99, will it be worth the price you ask? Well, for one thing, compared to older models the PSP 3000 has a better screen and a built-in microphone. The improved LCD screen allows you to have a wider color range and it helps reduce the glare, very helpful if you just can't get your hands away from your PSP even in outdoors. Players will be glad to know that the response time for the PSP 3000 is much better than the 2000. It means there would hardly be any shadowing, lagging or blurring when you play your favorite games. It’s built in microphone will be a great advantage for people who need to get in touch with someone through Skype. You can even use accessories from the PSP 2000, and most of it will work fine with this model too.

PSP 3000

Of course, any new model has its perks and its quirks. The PSP 3000 is no exception. Here’s a list of the good things that you can expect from the console as well as the “not so good” things from it.


Its size and shape is similar to that of the PSP 2000, however, the resolution is very different. Expect to see sharper images and brighter colors than what you normally see in the old PSP. The 3000 also has an improved AV output for video allowing playback for television. One of the best innovations though is the built-in microphone. With this, you can freely use Skype on your PSP 3000 without needing to lug around a laptop with you. All the accessories from the PSP 2000 can be used with this one, so there’s no need to buy new accessories. Best of all, it has a deep lineup of awesome game titles just waiting for you to snatch them up. The quality of graphics is also something to rave about. Of course, coming from a brand like Sony, you shouldn’t expect less.


Okay, so hold your breath on this one. Even though it claims to be glare free, some gamers have complained that it still isn’t helping. There are still problems with the screen resolution; jagged lines might still surprise you, especially if you are playing a game with high-motion sequences. Compared to the DS games, the UMD load time is still frustrating according to some gamers. Using the web browser or inputting data as well, can still be a tedious task. Another thing Sony overlooked is placing a built-in storage option into the console. This would have made it become a more useful gadget. Even though it was redesigned, Sony missed out vital features that they could have exploited to make the PSP 3000 a better option than its predecessors.

Interesting information that has gotten the attention of most gamers about the PSP 3000 is that you can supposedly use it to play homebrew games.

Homebrew games are tagged as such since these are games created by people in their homes. Compared to the usual company developed games. Basically, these are people producing varying kinds of interesting uses as well as applications that can be run on the PSP. Most people might be satisfied with just buying commercially available games to play in their PSP, but there are people who are looking for more, and homebrewed games are the perfect answer to that. Currently, you can find so many websites dedicated to just hacking the PSP. Most of these sites offer a step-by-step tutorial on what to do to hack your PSP and give you a wider range of game options.

As for the truth in the PSP 3000 being hacked, there are sites claiming that they have indeed hacked the PSP 3000 since its release. Team Typhoon, a group of independent developers, has claimed that they’ve officially broken through the PSP 3000 and hacked it. Even though it’s still in the initial stages, unlike the older PSP consoles, “the HEN TIFF exploit does not allow installation of custom firmware (it) won’t allow a PSP-3000 to play backups of PSP or PSX games (such as those in .ISO and .CSO formats), load plug-ins or “touch the flash of a PSP.”

Hacking your PSP

If you want more thorough information, you can find all of it in Davee’s website He provides instructions on what to do if you’re looking to hack your system. However, a word of caution to anyone looking to do this, make sure that you absolutely know what you are doing to your console. If it does break, well, pretty much, you’re on your own.

Overall, the PSP 3000 is a great new gaming console. Sure, it might not be king of the handheld console world, with the DS on the same league. However, if you are a gamer looking for a more sophisticated feel for gaming, then you might want to try the PSP 3000. If you already have the older PSP consoles, then consider looking into what the 3000 can do for you that the 2000 cannot. But as for me, even though there might be a few minor features I would have loved to see in there, the PSP 3000 is still going under my “must-have-soon” list.


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    • babybrownfox profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks... Have a great day..

    • freehans profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      Hi, Filipino hubber, I like your hub. because you are my "Kababayan". Nice hub. nice to see some filipino hubbers here like me.

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      8 years ago

      yeah at least its no AU$300 when our dollar is 93 US cents


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