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The Path to Becoming a Recognized Gamer

Updated on July 31, 2019
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These methods can be used across multiple platforms and are not designed for a certain game but for all games that players seek to excel at.

Getting Noticed in the Community:

There are many gamers in the community who are trying to make a living as a professional gamer, however, many of those fail to reach the level of engagement that enables someone to be successful as a gamer. is an online streaming website that allows individuals to live stream through channels while viewers have the option to view, subscribe, and donate to the host. Because of this, twitch has provided an opportunity for everyday gamers to put themselves out there to the community to try to make a living. There are many individuals who give up their established jobs to become a full-time online streamer, and many of them are unsuccessful at doing so. The biggest mistake individuals make while doing this is entering in a highly competitive market. What I mean by that is think of a video game as its own market (ie. Fortnite, League of Legends, etc.), within these markets there are hundreds of streamers competing for viewers of that game. By entering an already established market, it is hard for those who are an average skill level gamer to compete for potential viewers and subscribers. More so, people don't want to donate their money to someone who is potentially only as good as they are. This is why you see many online streamers in established markets have small amounts of viewers. To get noticed, find a game that is fairly new to the community and play it. Sounds easy right? By finding a game that is fairly new to the community, allows for new competition to enter the market. By playing the game as often as you can allows potential viewers to see the gameplay and it's contents through you first. Viewers will become more interested in your gameplay as you continue to play and discover secrets and progress through the game you are playing. It is crucial to engage with your viewers, this is important because the viewers like to feel part of your content and it will encourage them to invest in your gameplay. Using these methods will allow you to set yourself apart from the average gamer who fails to get noticed within the gaming community.

5 Steps on How to Level Up Your Gaming:

There are many ways to step up your level of gaming, but these methods can be applied to any gamer playing games on any platform. The following steps can be used to open perspectives on current games played by players, as well as introduce new strategies and tactics.

1. Watch a Professional

The world has evolved around gaming allowing players to live stream and upload videos almost instantly of game footage to viewers all around the world. Because of this, there are thousands of professional players that play different styles, roles, and games for gamers to learn from. Find a professional who plays the game you are interested in, the role that best suites you, and watch/study their methods constantly to learn new ways to improve your skills.

2. Research:

Video games are no longer a single solution step by step process. There are constant changes to games where players have to find new ways to itemize and build compositions. Spend time on researching the different items and modifications that allow players to build compositions. Find what will be the best utilization for situations, teams, and objectives.

3. Play with a Friend:

Partner up! Gamers can bring the best out of one another, and it helps to have fun with a friend while doing so. By competing with a friend it will boost confidence in one another to do well and in turn can bring success.

4. Ask for a Review

Having someone critique your game play is never a bad thing. Just be willing to accept someone else's opinion and allow for them to be honest with how you can improve. Be careful with who you choose for this step. Someone who is close to you may be biased and think you are "godly" at the game and not give you honest feedback. Someone who doesn't like the game may provide negative feedback due to lack of knowledge or because they are uninterested with the game.

5. Play the Game:

Seems easy right? Play. Play. Play. Practice makes perfect. Players need to try new strategies and use what they have learned from the previous steps to see what best works for them.


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