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The Pyramid Dance Club | Free Sims 3 Download

Updated on April 3, 2011

The Pyramid is a dance club I created after placing a 30 x 20 grid in front of the old abandoned pier in Sunset Valley. Sunset Valley, as you are no doubt well aware, does not come with any dance clubs included because it predates the Late Night expansion pack by many, many months. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the only world map that properly caters to Late Night activities is Bridgeport. Bridgeport is well and good in its own way, but even the most enthusiastic player eventually gets tired of the tall skyscrapers with their low customization.

So, why not bring the party to Sunset Valley or Riverview? It's easily done thanks to the ability to edit your world map and add new lots to it. You can design your own dance clubs, dive bars and vampire haunts, or you can download others that slot neatly into the world as you think it should be.

The Pyramid

Do you dare brave the dog headed god in search of a great night out?

The Pyramid blends ancient wisdom with modern beats to create one of the most popular clubs in the city. With sandstone walls and crocodile skin carpets, the d├ęcor whisks sims away to ancient, primal times as they dance the night away underneath the sweeping lights of the lighthouse. Ceiling to floor windows provide an uninhibited view of the great ocean as it rolls up on the sandy beaches.

A full bar, catered by an experienced mixologist provides all the juice your sim could ever want. Need a quick pick me up buzz? A brain boost? Or maybe its time to get in the mood for romance? When it comes time to evacuate the aforementioned drinks, the bathroom facilities reflect a heady Egyptian theme, guarded by flaming statues of the God Anubis.

Once your Sim is tired of dancing, they can retire to the lounge, where comfortable seats are located next to one of the most powerful sound systems known to Sim-kind. You won't be able to hear what anyone else is saying, but fortunately that won't matter because sims communicate in visible speech bubbles anyway.

Requirements: The Pyramid Dance Club requires the Late Night expansion to work, it also contains some store content (the stereo being one glaring example) and content from World Adventures. However if you haven't invested in the store content or World Adventures yourself, never fear, when you download the lot it will be replaced with a similar item that you do have in your base game. Much of the Egyptian feel could be lost however if you don't have WA.

Note that the terrain aspect of this lot fits the location on the beach of Sunset Valley. If you place this lot elsewhere, you may need to edit the terrain or the lot to make it accessible.

Download The Pyramid Dance Club


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