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The Quieter, Faster and Slimmer Xbox 360: New Xbox 360 Slim Console

Updated on April 27, 2013

The new Xbox 360 console

The new Xbox 360 S console or the new Xbox 360  Slim
The new Xbox 360 S console or the new Xbox 360 Slim

Beginning of the new XBox 360 S era

Remember the last Xbox 360 console, the big white box that would heat up the surface you put it on and produce an irritating noise that would keep you pulling out of your Xbox gaming trance? Well maybe someone in Microsoft played a game or two on the Xbox 360 and they have realized how troublesome the noise and the heat can be. Microsoft recently unveiled the remake of the Xbox 360, the new Xbox 360 console or the Xbox 360 Slim or the Xbox 360 S which has sought to avoid the flaws of its elder sibling.

Microsoft promises that this is the quietest and the ‘coolest’ gaming console available. The new Xbox 360 console is slimmer and has shed some weight too. People have actually tried putting their ear on the surface of the new Xbox console to catch atleast a whisper but to no avail. The new Xbox 360 S has an excellent heat sink and hardly heats up the surface. Another welcome addition to the Xbox 360 console is the 802.11n Wi-Fi. Microsoft decided to go global and online and to facilitate the new online features and games an innovative Wi-Fi was added. Though the earlier Xbox 360 console was the leader in international gaming console market yet its hardware design has troubled both gamers and Microsoft alike. People have always been discontent by the heat sink and the impact it had on the Xbox 360’s performance. The inefficient heat sink could not handle the heat produced by the processor and as a result the console would stop working.

The new Xbox 360 console has a glossy finish and a 250 GB hard drive and features additional USB ports for convenient connectivity. Even the power bricks show significant difference. The new AC adapter is much shorter smaller and lighter and much more power efficient than the Xbox 360 console. The new Xbox 360 S console uses Lite-On model Hard disk which is much quieter than the common version.

The heat sink in the new Xbox 360 console is also a lot more efficient with a larger fan with lower RPM. And because it rotates at a lower speed it makes lesser noise. Going deeper within the system reveals a 250 GB and 5400 RPM Hard Disk by Hitachi. The Hard disk is supposed to be User-removable.

The new Xbox 360 S console is a tough and striking upgrade of the earlier version and at a price of $299 this is much cost efficient too. The New Xbox 360 can be ordered online at amazon.

Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect.

the new Xbox 360 Slim Versus The older Xbox 360 'Bulky'

The New Xbox 360 console Versus the Old Xbox 360
The New Xbox 360 console Versus the Old Xbox 360


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