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The Red Ring of Death - The Many Causes

Updated on October 18, 2011


On the internet, you can find many, many claims for the cause of the technical problem known as the Red Ring of Death on the Xbox 360 by many, many people. There are many myths around the internet saying that there are many causes for the RROD - And that is true to a certain extent. The three red lights on the console mean “General Hardware Failure” so there could potentially, be many different things wrong with your console.

The RROD | Source


One of the most frequently repeated Red Ring of Death stories is the one about solder. Some people claim that the type of solder used on the inside of the Xbox 360 was changed to cut costs, and that the solder that is being used in Xbox 360 models nowadays is extremely prone to small bubbles inside it, which expand and contract when the console heats up and cools down - This could potentially knock connections out of their sockets or change the wiring or delicate components inside the Xbox 360.


Overheating is another prominent cause for the Red Ring of Death. Usually when the console overheats the screen will freeze, the Xbox will shut down and the ring at the front will display two red lights until the GPU (General Processing Unit) has cooled down sufficiently. Usually this is not a problem if it happens just once or twice - But if this happens multiple times then the console could give out and give a Red Ring of Death error.



Problems with the powerbrick can also give you the RROD. If you don’t know what the powerbrick is, then it’s the small black box outside the console on the wire that connects the console to the power supply. It contains the transformer and is essential for supplying power for the Xbox. Potentially, if this box gets damaged or overheats beyond its capacity, then a faulty powerbrick can cause the Xbox to overheat itself by providing too much power, or cause shutdowns by providing too little. When this happens too often - Your console will display the Red Ring of Death.


As it is clear to see, most of the ways you can get the Red Ring of Death are caused by the console overheating. To avoid this, make sure you keep your console in a well ventilated space - Not a tight, console cabinet crammed with other hot pieces of technology. Take it out and let it breathe.

Don’t worry if your console does get these errors - Many Xbox’s do. But never fear, help is at hand - Find out abut the 360's errors -


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