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The Scrabble Solver - Four Letter Words Ending In I

Updated on May 12, 2013

The list of Four Letter Words Ending In I. I have prepared useful and handy index for Scrabble players. You will find here words ending in I with short description. For Scrabble games played in North America I have used Hasbro's Official Online Scrabble Dictionary and for games played outside of North America (a rest of world) I have checked words in Mattel's Official Online Scrabble Dictionary.

Four Letter Words Ending In I

ABRI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a bomb shelter

ANTI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

one that is opposed

ASCI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of ascus - a spore sac in certain fungi

BANI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of ban - a monetary unit of Romania

BENI [6 pts] , (EN)

a sesame plant

CADI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a Muslim judge

CAPI [8 pts] , (EN)

a device fitted across the strings of a guitar or similar instrument so as to raise the pitch

CEDI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a monetary unit of Ghana

CHAI [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a spiced tea with honey and milk

CONI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of conus - an anatomical part in mammals

DALI [5 pts] , (EN)

a type of tree

DARI [5 pts] , (EN)

a variety of sorghum

DEFI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a challenge

DELI [5 pts] , (US, EN)

a delicatessen

DENI [5 pts] , (US, EN)

a monetary unit of Macedonia

DIVI [8 pts] , (EN)

an alternative spelling of divvy - stupid person

DUCI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of duce - a leader

ELHI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

pertaining to school grades 1 through 12

ETUI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a case for holding small articles

EUOI [4 pts] , (EN)

the cry of Bacchic frenzy


Four Letter Words Ending In I – Some Stats

Most profitable words:

KOJI [15 pts] , (US, EN)

a fungus used to start fermentation

KAZI [17 pts] , (EN)

a lavatory

HOKI [11 pts] , (EN)

a fish of New Zealand waters

IMPI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a body of warriors

INTI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a monetary unit of Peru

KADI [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a Muslim judge

KAKI [12 pts] , (US, EN)

a Japanese tree

KALI [8 pts] , (EN)

an another name for saltwort - any of several chenopodiaceous plants with prickly leaves, striped stems, and small green flowers

KAMI [10 pts] , (US, EN)

a sacred power or force

KATI [8 pts] , (EN)

a unit of weight, used esp in China, equal to about one and a half pounds or about 0.67 kilogram

KAZI [17 pts] , (EN)

a lavatory

KEPI [10 pts] , (US, EN)

a type of cap

FENI [7 pts] , (EN)

a Goan alcoholic drink

FINI [7 pts] , (EN)

end, finish

FOCI [9 pts] , (EN)

a point at which light or sound waves converge

FUCI [9 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of fucus - any of a genus of brown algae

FUJI [14 pts] , (US, EN)

a silk fabric

GADI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a hassock

GLEI [5 pts] , (EN)

a bluish-grey compact sticky soil occurring in certain humid regions

GYRI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of gyrus - a ridge in the brain

HAJI [14 pts] , (US, EN)

one who has made a hadj - a pilgrimage to Mecca

HILI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of hilus - a small opening in a bodily organ

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KIWI [11 pts] , (US, EN)

a flightless bird

KOJI [15 pts] , (US, EN)

a fungus used to start fermentation

KURI [8 pts] , (EN)

a mongrel dog

LARI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a monetary unit of Maldives

LATI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of lats - a monetary unit of Latvia

LIRI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of lira - a monetary unit of Malta

LOBI [6 pts] , (EN)

a lobe

LOCI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of locus - a place

LOTI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a monetary unit of Lesotho

LWEI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a monetary unit of Angola

MAGI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of magus - a magician

MALI [6 pts] , (EN)

a member of an Indian caste

MANI [6 pts] , (EN)

a place to pray

MAXI [13 pts] , (US, EN)

a long skirt or coat

MERI [6 pts] , (EN)

a Maori war club

MIDI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a skirt or coat that extends to the middle of the calf

MINI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

something distinctively smaller than others of its kind

MIRI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of mir - a Russian peasant commune

MODI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of modus - a mode

MOKI [10 pts] , (EN)

an either of two edible sea fish of New Zealand, the blue cod (Percis colias) or the bastard trumpeter (Latridopsis ciliaris)


MOMI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of momus - a carping person

MOOI [6 pts] , (EN)

pleasing or nice

MUNI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a security issued by a state or local government

MUTI [6 pts] , (EN)

a medicine

NAOS [4 pts] , (US, EN)

an ancient temple

NAZI [13 pts] , (US, EN)

a type of fascist

NEVUS [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a birthmark

NIDI [5 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of nidus - a nest or breeding place

NISI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

not yet final

NODI [5 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of nodus - a difficulty

NORI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a dried seaweed pressed into sheets

PADI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a rice field

PENI [6 pts] , (EN)

an old spelling of penny - British bronze coin worth one hundredth of a pound

PERI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a supernatural being of Persian mythology

PFUI [9 pts] , (US, EN)

phooey - used as an exclamation of disgust or contempt

PIKI [10 pts] , (US, EN)

a thin blue cornmeal bread

PILI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a Philippine tree

PIPI [8 pts] , (EN)

an edible mollusc often used as bait

PTUI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

used to express the sound of spitting

PULI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a long-haired sheepdog

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PURI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a light, flat wheat cake

QADI [14 pts] , (US, EN)

a Muslim judge

QUAI [13 pts] , (US, EN)

a wharf

RABI [6 pts] , (EN)

a crop that is harvested at the end of winter in Pakistan or India

RAGI [5 pts] , (US, EN)

an East Indian cereal grass

RAKI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a Turkish liqueur

RAMI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of ramus - a branch-like part of a structure

RANI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

the wife of a rajah

ROJI [11 pts] , (EN)

a Japanese tea garden or its path of stones

ROTI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

an unleavened bread

SADI [5 pts] , (US, EN)

a Hebrew letter

SAKI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a Japanese liquor

SARI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

an outer garment worn by Hindu women

SATI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a Hindu widow cremated on her husband's funeral pile to show her devotion to him

SEMI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a freight trailer

SHRI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

used as a Hindu title of respect - mister, sir

SIMI [6 pts] , (EN)

an East African sword

SIRI [4 pts] , (EN)

an Asian climbing plant, the leaves and nuts of which can be chewed

SOLI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of solo - a musical composition for a single voice or instrument

SORI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of sorus - a cluster of plant reproductive bodies

My hub stats:

124 Four Letter Words Ending In I


90 – US and EN

34 – only EN

SYLI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a former monetary unit of Guinea

TABI [6 pts] , (EN)

a thick-soled Japanese sock, worn with sandals

TALI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of talus - a bone of the foot

TAXI [11 pts] , (US, EN)

to travel in a taxicab

TIKI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a wood or stone image of a Polynesian god

TIPI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a conical tent of some North American Indians

TITI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

an evergreen shrub or tree

TOPI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a sun helmet

TORI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of torus - a large convex molding

UNAI [4 pts] , (US, EN)

a two-toed sloth

UNCI [6 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of uncus - a hook-shaped anatomical part

VAGI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a pl. of vagus - a cranial nerve

VALI [7 pts] , (EN)

a Turkish civil governor

VLEI [7 pts] , (EN)

an area of low marshy ground, esp one that feeds a stream

WADI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a bed of a usually dry watercourse

WALI [7 pts] , (EN)

a Turkish civil governor

WILI [7 pts] , (EN)

a spirit

YAGI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a type of shortwave antenna

YETI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

the abominable snowman

YOGI [8 pts] , (US, EN)

a person who practices yoga

YONI [7 pts] , (US, EN)

a symbol for the vulva in Hindu religion

ZATI [13 pts] , (EN)

a type of macaque

ZITI [13 pts] , (US, EN)

a tubular pasta

ZORI [13 pts] , (US, EN)

a type of sandal

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