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The Secret to Disney Trading Pins

Updated on October 16, 2014

What are Disney Trading Pins?

Disney Trading Pins are pins that can be bought, collected, and most importantly traded! Although you don't have to trade them, trading them can be quite fun. Pins can be bought from the parks or from any Disney store. There are many different pins and they can be worth different amounts. Usually pins that are given out for special events or celebrating a Disney anniversary of some sort are worth more than the average pin you can buy.

Some people collect these pins with the intention of never trading them while others may go to special trading events. Either way wearing the pins at Disney parks or Disney events can bring you great interactions. Pins are usually worn on a lanyard around the neck. Some people collect only certain types of pins while others may collect any and every pin. Displaying them is a great way to communicate with other pin traders/collectors.

Do you have any Disney Trading Pins?

Do you own any Disney Trading Pins?

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Back of the pin will have a "stamp" and a black Mickey Mouse ears cover.
Back of the pin will have a "stamp" and a black Mickey Mouse ears cover. | Source

Secret #1: Know about the potential fakes.

Some people suggest buying the pins online as they can be quite expensive in the park but others are quick to warn about the potential fakes that are commonly sold online. Yes, sadly there are many fakes, also known as scrappers, of these pins.

To ensure that you are buying a genuine pin there are a couple of things that you can check for. One is the Disney Trading Pin stamp located on the back of the pin. Another is the cover of the pin on the back. The black cover, that covers the pins' back, is shaped like a pair of Mickey ears. All real pins will have this backing.

Two other things to think about are the prices of the pin and overall quality of it. Expect to pay at least a couple of dollars for a real pin even if you buy it online as they are definitely worth that much. The quality of the fake pins are much lower which is why it's usually easy to tell which ones are fake and which ones are real.

2: Tomart's 6th Edition DISNEYANA Guide to Pin Trading Volume II
2: Tomart's 6th Edition DISNEYANA Guide to Pin Trading Volume II

A great book that is very informational about Disney Trading Pins.


Secret #2: Make it fun.

It's important to make the whole trading experience fun. Some people get overwhelmed with the amount of pins that are out there. There really are a lot of different pins which is why there are so many places inside the various parks selling the pins. Some can only be bought in certain lands but trading to get a pin that you like can be quite fun.

Interact with other people who have pins before asking to trade. It's a great time to talk about certain pins and remember that if you don't want to trade a certain pin say so! You don't have to trade a pin if you don't want to.

Disney cast members wear a lanyard of pins that can be traded with guests.
Disney cast members wear a lanyard of pins that can be traded with guests. | Source

Secret #3: Don't forget to ask cast members to trade!

Many cast members throughout the parks wear lanyards that are allowed to be traded. The rules are simple: a pin for a pin. Trading with cast members can be more rewarding since sometimes they will have unique pins that the average person won't have.

Always get a good look to what they have because another rule is that only one trade can happen at once per person. If that wasn't the case people would be trading all day long with cast members and that wouldn't be fair, would it.

Have you traded with a Disney cast member?

Have you traded a Disney Trading Pin with a Disney cast member before?

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Secret #4: Don't worry if you have duplicates.

It's cheaper to buy pin sets or starter packs. Some of these will have duplicate pins but don't worry that can be a good thing! Having duplicates means that you can keep one and trade the other. Always keep that in mind if someone tries to trade you for a pin but you already have that pin.


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