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The Simple Guide to Minecraft Pocket Edition

Updated on January 26, 2015

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition?

There’s good news for IOS users as there’s a new exciting game on IOS. In this simple Minecraft Pocket Edition review we will take a look at this brilliant game. This is the mobile port from the vastly popular PC and console game Minecraft. With its huge following, it is not surprising that they have made a mobile version. The mobile version allows you to build and create your own world on the go from anywhere! It is also available in a limited free version. The mobile version of this popular game costs $6.99, which is well worth the cost for you can have Minecraft on the go.

How do you play Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Minecraft is played in first person view and is all about crafting the land you play on into something only your imagination possesses. It’s all about the building wonders and making resources out of the world and crafting them into handily tools and building material. The environment is made out of blocks. You can think of it as an old video game where the characters are pixelated, but these blocks are 3d and large. You build whatever you want by stacking these blocks together. You can build up material such as crafting wood and stone into objects and then also melting stuff like sand into glass. All of this allows you to enjoy the different levels of Minecraft. Some people go to great lengths to recreate buildings or locations. This game really consumes your time as you keep thinking "just one more block"...

There are many aspects of Minecraft. For instance, the bed which allows you to skip to dawn and change your time. A craft table is used to make more selections of items you can make if you have the resources. There is also a stone cutter which can be used to make things out of stones. A chest is used to store your items. There is a tool known as shears which is used to take out wool from wandering sheep and used to make different items in the game. All of this makes Minecraft a more interactive game. It makes you gather the resources to be able to create structures. Of course you can just play in creative mode to have infinite resources.

The clock is there which is important as it gives you the appropriate time of day and night. Basically you can’t do anything unless you craft the mines. For that there is a very powerful tool given in the game known as TNT. This is used for explosions and comes very handy to obtain resources. The torch is there to light up the dark places and also in the melting down of ice and snow. There are also paintings which can be used as a decoration to hang on the walls. Wood is the basic function of this game as there are many things you can make with it, as well as many types of wood types that you can chop down such as jungle and dark oak. The stone cutter helps you to build up small blocks and later on It can be used to build up bricks and walls. The next process is smelting which after you are done with crafting you can melt and create the other objects.

Minecraft Survival vs Creative Mode

Minecraft has many modes. The hard mode would be playing survival mode. In the survival mode you basically have to “survive” overnight from creatures. It is important to build your house so you have a place to sleep at night and not get killed. The creative mode is a sort of free build where you do not have to worry about survival. This mode allows you to create whatever you want within the environment. The conclusion we can make from this game is that it is more of an adventure rather than just a game itself. It is such an experience and many modes in which you can test yourself, your ability to create, creativity and your own mindful science. It is worth the money you pay for it and also it gives you a sensation of the joy in your free time. Buy install and play, have fun and make the best out of the game.


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