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The Sims 3 Ambitions- Fast and Easy Method of getting the materials for a SimBot.

Updated on February 23, 2011

Getting the Materials for a SimBot Quickly and Easily

It's Too Easy

I've been playing The Sims 3 Ambitions for a while now, and while trying to gather the materials for building a SimBot, I've discovered that there is in fact an extremely easy way to get the Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond and Palladium needed to construct a SimBot without using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat. My method has allowed me to construct about 4 SimBots in one Sim week, and I know that it's usually very hard for most Simmers to get hold of the materials for a SimBot. Therefore, I've decided to share my method with those eager to build a SimBot of their very own. For me, it usually takes one day to gather the Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond and Palladium using my method, so it should make gathering the materials(most of them, anyway) needed to build a SimBot MUCH easier.

What You'll Need...

The "motherlode" cheat.

Access to "The Ultimate Invention!" Opportunity.

Getting the Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond and Palladium

First, open up the cheat box(Ctrl-Shift-C) and type in the motherlode cheat repeatedly until you have about $200,000 Simoleons. If you already have the said amount at hand or more, there's no need to use the motherlode cheat. Now, head down to the Consignment Store as soon as it opens and use the "Buy Items" interaction. Buy everything that the store has in stock even if you don't really want or need any of it. Then, repeat the "Buy Items" interaction and there will be a whole new list of purchasable items. THIS is how you get the Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond and Palladium; when you purchase everything in stock at the Consignment Store and then immediately after repeat the "Buy Items" interaction, the store is automatically restocked with a bunch of new items. Continuously buy everything in stock and repeat the "Buy Items" interaction over and over again at a nonstop rate, and eventually you will find that either a Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond or Palladium has been automatically included in the most recent restocking of items. Just continue buying everything in stock and using the "Buy Items" interaction over and over again, and eventually(most likely before the Consignment Store closes) you will have managed to find a Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond or Palladium(most of the time both) among the mess of useless purchasable items at the Consignment Store. If you didn't manage to get hold of both that day, simply try again tomorrow and so on. But if you work at it for one whole day from the moment that the Consignment Store opens and the moment that it closes, you should manage to get hold of both the Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond and Palladium in a single day.

Getting the 100 Scrap and 10 Life Fruit

Now that you're 1/2 of the way to building your own SimBot(or possibly 5 or 10 in my case, I love SimBots), it's time to turn your attention to getting hold of the 100 Scrap and 10 Life Fruit. First, the scrap. It's relatively simple to get hold of the 100 scrap considering you don't spend countless hours at the local Junkyard digging through useless rubble piles. My advice- use the leftover cash from the motherlode cheat used to get hold of the first two items mentioned above to purchase 100 Scrap(or more) at your Scraptastic™ Workbench. You could also proceed to your local Junkyard and don a Harvester to quickly suck up the required 100 Scrap.

Lastly, the 10 Life Fruit. Note that I used the testingcheatsenabled true and bugdebug cheats to get hold of these ingredients, as there really isn't another way to get hold of the 10 Life Fruit in one day unless you already have at least six or seven Life Fruit plants growing on your lot. I know that some people are usually quite reluctant to use the testingcheatsenabled true and buydebug cheats as they can ruin save games if used repeatedly. However, there is a way to get hold of the 10 Life Fruit(actually much more then just 10 Life Fruit, perhaps 20 or 30) in one day using the testingcheatsenabled true and buydebug cheats, but without ruining your saved game.

If you want to cheat but not risk ruining your save game, here's how you can do it. First, create another new game(don't delete your other saved games), and once the new saved game has finished loading, go into Edit Town Mode and build on an empty(preferably big) Community Lot. While building on that Lot, enter the testingcheatsenabled true and buydebug cheats. Now, open up the ? Menu and place as many Life Fruit plants on the lot as possible. If you don't have a Harvester, place one of those on the Community Lot as well. Make sure the lot type is "Visitors Allowed". Now, go back into Edit Town Mode and save a copy of the Community Lot to the library. Exit this game, then restart The Sims 3 and reload your other saved game(the one in which you're trying to build a SimBot). Go into Edit Town Mode, and place the Community Lot filled with Life Fruit plants somewhere in the town(preferably near your house). Anyway, once the lot has been placed, exit Edit Town Mode(be sure to save), enter your household, and have your Sim visit the new Community Lot. Don a Harvester and suck up as much Life Fruit as you possibly can, and once you have at least 10 Life Fruit return to your house. If you haven't completed "The Ultimate Invention!" Opportunity yet, deliver the items to the Science Facility and let them do the work. I'm sure you know what to do from here- it's time to build your SimBot!

About SimBots

In my experience, SimBots are just like Sims, except that they can fly, can't have children, and can't wear clothes or get a tattoo. One of my favorite things about SimBots is the way other Sims react to them. Most of the time they get the "A SimBot!" Interaction in the queue at a random moment, walk up to the SimBot in question and quickly step back from the SimBot, waving their hands with a look of disgust or repulsion on their face. Strangely enough, even SimBots react to other SimBots in this manner. How rude!

Despite being treated like a Sim that has never showered in his entire life, SimBots are actually very friendly and cool. As previously mentioned, they have some remarkable abilities such as flying, a resistance to fire, a remarkable Handiness Skill and the ability to communicate with certain machinery such as food processors. SimBots also snore in binary code rather than the familiar Zzzzzs that come from regular Sims. They even eat Scrap(although they can in fact eat human food) and have no Hygiene needs whatsoever. In fact, water is probably a SimBot's worst nightmare, as it causes them to short out and shut down. Once a SimBot shuts down, they will do absolutely nothing rather than stand in the same spot, hunched-over, unable to do anything at all until someone fixes them. After being shorted out, a SimBot can be reprogrammed(upon their creation all SimBots come with the "Hydrophobic" Trait). SimBots can come in 3 different colors- black, gold and grey(note that you can't pick the color of your SimBot). Lastly, SimBots have the ability to smash objects and scrounge up some Scrap from the rubble. However, most Sims won't take their stuff being smashed very kindly.

Leftover Cash?

If you don't really want the money left over from the method used to get the Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond and Palladium, there are plenty of ways to get rid of it. If you like, you can blow away all of the leftover cash at the Consignment Store or simply donate it all to charity. It's up to you. I understand that some people don't want to earn their cash through cheats, after all.

Anyway, this concludes the "Getting the Materials for a SimBot Quickly and Easily" guide. I hope that this guide helps many Simmers assemble SimBots with ease, as I know the game makes gathering the materials quite difficult. I myself was able to start a SimBot Factory with my method, so I really think that it will help many other Simmers as well. Thanks for reading!


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