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Be A Sims 3 Ambitions Real Estate Mogul

Updated on October 8, 2010

When I initially reviewed The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack, I was overwhelmed with the range of new careers and professions that were opened to the player, and understandably so. More so than any other Sims 3 expansion, Ambitions exploded the world that sims lived in. (This is perhaps not such a grandiose achievement if one considers that the only other expansion out before Ambitions was 'World Adventures'.)

But now that I've had a few more months to really familiarize myself with the game and I've given more sims clown makeovers than I can think of and left roofs sticking through people's lounges too many times to count, I've finally turned my attention to the new real estate system that comes with The Sims 3 Ambitions and I can only say that I am deeply sorry I never truly paid attention to it before.

You could always buy partnerships in buildings in the Sims, but what I'm really enjoying at the moment in the ambitions expansion is buying out public lots and upgrading them so that they earn money. Take Landlubber Bank for instance (it is in the Barnacle Bay town, which I reviewed here.) At the moment, it is a boring beach side picnic spot with a couple of barbecues, plenty of rocks and two tables. With just a little cash and inspiration, this can be transformed into a happening spot that sims flock to.

Landlubber Bank, a small and unassuming public picnic spot.
Landlubber Bank, a small and unassuming public picnic spot.

With the addition of a couple of new picnic tables, a trampoline, a play set, a couple of swings and a shiny new building featuring ablutions block as well as a coffee lounge, Landlubber Bank is set to become wildly popular. Sims earn revenue from their developments over time depending on how much they upgrade their properties.


Other changes to the real estate system include you being able to buy out businesses like the grocery store, rename them and fire the employees. I have to admit that I find these functions nice, but a little shallow. Simply changing a building's name is a little 'whoop de do' considering you have to pay almost 30 k simoelons for the privilege. Firing the employees is also a fairly empty experience. Your sim simply disappears into the rabbit hole that is the building and receives a message that the firedĀ  sim is unhappy. This might be a satisfying function if you've developed relationships with all the sims at a certain workplace (like being fired from a job and going back, buying the place and firing everyone), but it would be better, methinks, if owners had more control over businesses than merely naming them silly names and firing everyone who has ever worked there.

Regardless of any defects of the business real estate system - public lots are a lot of fun and buying them up and developing them provides a very real way to impact the worlds your sims live in.


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