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The Sims 3 Angler Career

Updated on March 13, 2011
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For more helpful Sims 3 articles, visit: | Source
The Alpha Waves aquarium, available at the Sims 3 store.
The Alpha Waves aquarium, available at the Sims 3 store.

Fishing has long been a sims skill worth pursuing. Not only is it an achievement in its own right, but fish can be sold for income, used as fertilizer on gardens, kept in tanks for your sims's personal amusement and potentially used to create life everlasting. Interested yet? You should be.

How To Join The Angler Career

Joining the Angler career can seem difficult at first. You can check your sim's computer and have them read the newspaper until you're both blue in the face, but you won't find an Angler career option anywhere. That's because Anglers are self employed in the Sims 3. You won't be able to register as a self employed Angler until you have a bit of fishing experience, but once you've gone fishing once or twice and leveled that skill, you should be able to go to City Hall, register as self employed and choose the Angler option.

Bait and Books

Buying books from the bookstore won't increase your skill level as it does in other professsions (you can become a chef of the highest skill level simply by looking at cook books apparently) but in order to level your skills as a fisher person, you must fish.

It is still worthwhile buying the books and reading them however, as the information contained within is invaluable if you want to know what bait will attract a certain fish. Once you have acquired bait knowledge, there is an option to choose bait when you go fishing. When you choose your bait, an interface opens listing the bait you have in your inventory as well as the fish you are most likely to catch in a particular area. Having a good supply of bait on hand is a good idea, as you'll lose bait more often than you might think.

Angler Décor

If you want to complete the lifetime achievement associated with the fishing skill, then you'll need to invest in a bunch of fish bowls. If you're tired of little bowls cluttering up the place, then the Alpha Waves Aquarium in the Future Shock living set (obtainable at the Sims 3 online store) is a must – have. Instead of being able to house only one fish at a time, you can fit multiple fish in the stylish aquarium. The aquarium costs 125 sim points and unlike many items in the Sims 3 store, actually adds functionality to the game (in terms of stocking additional fish).

An Alpha Waves Aquarium stocked with six freshly caught blow fish.
An Alpha Waves Aquarium stocked with six freshly caught blow fish.


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