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The Sims 3 | It's Okay To Hate Your Sims

Updated on October 13, 2009

When you love the Sims 3, it can be an uncomfortable realization that you actually don't like your sims very much. Sims are annoying, whiny, self entitled brats who are constantly complaining that they can't walk through walls to get to things. Seriously, if I see one more sim stamp their feet, wave their arms and pack a tantrum because they think their path is blocked, I'm going to drown them in the pool.

I think the Sims 3 sim design isn't bad, I just wish they had underdone some features and over done others. In addition to my previous comments on the subject, I submit the following.

I don't like the way everyone in the house will sleep in any bed. People get territorial about their beds and bedrooms, sims very rarely do. Even if a sim is 'set' to a particular bed, they'll quite often wander off and get into a different one. This makes for a very odd house dynamic on occasion with sims bed hopping with anyone they're remotely friendly with.

Sims can't tell which things are more aesthetically pleasing than others, even though they are apparently able to appreciate a well decorated room. I set up a house with 6 young adult sims, and 'Big Brother' style, set up three cell type rooms with bad fittings and bad beds, one 'master bedroom' with more room and one large four poster, and a double room with two nice double beds in it. The sims chose to fill the three cell style rooms first, and even fought over the last one whilst the four poster and two double beds remained free. I ask you, if you had the choice of high quality large beds in nice big rooms over tiny, low quality beds in tiny rooms you could barely fit in, what would you chose? Not one sim made a run for the private, large master bedroom.

Sims have no taste....



The jealousy thing is over the top. Sims get jealous sometimes just when a loved one, or even a friend talks to someone else. Wait, that's actually quite realistic. But the way that Sims supernaturally know when one member of their family has cheated isn't. I've blocked off the room in the house where cheating was to take place by removing the door before the wife, mother and lady of the house woohooed with a handsome stranger, and still everyone in the house, including her children, knew about it and were upset by it. Do sims transmit cheating by telepathic waves?

Now admittedly, if your sim cheats on another lot, its other romantic partners don't seem to know about it. I guess the moral of the story is that sim homes have very thin walls. So keep that in mind next time sim grandma comes to stay.

But I have digressed wildly from the original point, which is that it is okay to start to hate some or all of your sims. Sims are blessed with many traits designed to do little other than infuriate (especially technophobic or art hating sims, though sims who hate children will occasionally destroy kid's toys on a whim, which is fairly amusing.) A few select sims may eventually worm their way into your heart, but after you've played for some time, there will be other sims who just get on your nerves. It's okay to feel this way, in fact, I have an inkling you're supposed to.


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    • profile image

      SimEnthusiast 8 years ago

      I'm glad it's okay to hate my Sims, because I do. I enjoy torturing them. I also enjoy seeing the few Sims that I do not hate succeed, especially at the expense of other Sims. Just about anything out of the ordinary that happens in Sims 3 is a good thing. Unfortunately, there aren't many strange or extraordinary things in the game yet. I hope they put more in the expansion packs.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      A couple of times in Sims 2 when my sim's spouse got "old" whereas my sugar daddy stayed forever young with the elixir of life, I had him hit on his maids over and over (new one every generation) and in some cases right in front of her. I fight would then ensue followed by tears and thoughts of revenge. This made playing the Sims 2 so amusing, among many other things.