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The Sims 3 Late Night Lifetime Rewards Guide

Updated on November 25, 2010

The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack comes with a grand series of new lifetime rewards which will enable your sims to enjoy their digital lives in a fast paced night time world more easily. Let us look at these lifetime rewards and the situations in which they might be most advantageous.

The Hustler  (5000 Lifetime Reward Points)

A sim who chooses this lifetime reward will become inordinately good at darts, shuffleboard and foosball.

Watering Hole Regular  (5000 Lifetime Reward Points)

Sims get discounts on drinks and food at local establishments. If you happen to be playing the game without cheats, this could be quite a handy lifetime reward for a sim who likes to go out a great deal, but is on a budget.

The Next Big Thing (10,000 Lifetime Reward Points)

Sims who are the next big thing not only stand a greater than average chance of being in successful bands, but they earn more for every performance. This reward really is a no brainer for anyone who wants to make their sim a celebrity rockstar.

Excellent Groupie (10,000 Lifetime Reward Points)

For just 10,000 rewards points, you're guaranteed never to have other sims complain about the time they spend grouping with you.

Better Mixologist   (15,000 Lifetime Reward Points)

Sims make better quality drinks than other sims. A very useful reward if your sim is trying to make a name for him or herself as a mixologist. Mixology can be slow to get off the ground – this lifetime reward may be the extra kick that saves your sim from dropping out of the trade altogether!

Master of Seduction (15,000 Lifetime Reward Points)

When you're a master of seduction, your advances never fail. Never. This is the perfect trait for anyone who needs to get close to other sims quickly. Think heartbreaker sims, master romancers, or vampires, for that matter. What better way to seduce a tasty meal out of a compliant sim?

Always on the List (17,500 Lifetime Reward Points)

With the always on the list lifetime reward, you'll never have to argue with bouncers, bribe them, or sneak past them again. You're always on the list! This is an essential lifetime reward if you're playing Bridgepot in almost any capacity. One of the most tiring aspects of the game is wasting three hours a night trying to get into a hot spot – this lifetime reward streamlines your evenings out, be you vampire, celebrity hunter, band member or just a plain old rag tag stylist from the wrong side of the bridge.

Map to the Stars (20,000 Lifetime Reward Points)

The map to the stars allows you to discover the residences of all the famous sims in Bridgeport. Sneaking around and peeking into windows has never been so much fun! This may be of use to you if you're simply trying to become a celebrity by merit of meeting and annoying a lot of celebrities, but there are probably more efficient ways to become famous.


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