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Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Lifetime Rewards Guide

Updated on April 15, 2010

If the idea of having your sims travel to far off locations doesn't interest you, there may still be a reason to purchase the Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion pack, and that is for the extended set of lifetime rewards which, without exaggeration, I can say truly do revolutionize the game.

First up, my favorite three lifetime rewards, and thereafter, the many other lifetime rewards new to the game when you purchase World Adventures.

Eye Candy

This lifetime reward costs only 5,000 points and makes you irresistibly attractive to other sims. Your sim sparkles with that special X factor, and other sims nearby get an 'Eye Candy' moodlet. A real bonus if you're looking to make a sim to complete the heart breaker challenge, or if you just want your sim to be admired and adored by other sims wherever they go.

Inappropriate But In A Good Way

This is a brilliant, potentially game changing life time reward. You know how you'll be out visiting other sim homes and your sim will be hungry, or sleepy or dirty, but taking a shower, making a meal or taking a nap in the host sim's bed will all get you thrown out of the house? The 'Inappropriate But In a Good Way' lifetime reward means that other sims no longer care how inappropriate you are! Mooch for all eternity, they won't care!

No Jealousy

The downer of having your sim cheat on its sim boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses is that other sims get jealous and it really puts a downer on your relationships. With the no jealousy moodlet, sims no longer care what you do in or out of the bedroom. When combined with the previous two lifetime rewards, your sim becomes a suave sophisticate who can get away with murder.

More World Adventures Exclusive Lifetime Rewards:

Stone Hearted

Even if your sim's entire family dies in a fire (and it is quite possible that they will), your sim won't give a damn. Makes those pesky passings over much easier to deal with.

No Bills Ever

Like the title says, you no longer have to pay bills. Very much worth the 15,000 lifetime rewards points it takes to purchase it.


Gain fun 25% faster than you normally would. Yay you!

Meditative Trance Sleep

An expensive lifetime reward at 30,0000 points, but one that puts paid to staring at the screen blankly for minutes at a time whilst your sim sleeps their life away.

Learned Relic Hunter

You find relics easier and they're also worth more than before. A worthy investment for the adventurous sim at 15,000 lifetime rewards points.

Prepared Traveler

Extend your stay by being a prepared traveler. 10,000 points is probably worth it to make your vacation last just that little bit longer.

Change Of Taste

If your sims tastes are getting to you, you can change them.

Jet Setter

Get discounts when you travel. Discounts are your friend if you're not using the ctrl + shift +c 'motherlode' cheat.


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