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The Sly Collection review

Updated on March 4, 2014

3 classic PS2 games on the PS3 in HD

4 stars from 1 rating of the Sly Collection

A collection of 3 PS2 classics

I got the Sly Collection during black Friday when it was on sale for 10 dollars, 10 dollars for 3 classic PS2 games one I haven’t played yet, upgraded to HD sounded like a good deal to me.


The Sly Collection covers the story of a group of thieves led by the raccoon Sly Cooper. In the original game Sly is after a group of thieves called the Fiendish 5 which murder his family and stole the family heirloom the Thevious Raccoonus. The 2nd one takes place a little while after the 1st; at the end of the 1st Sly learn the Fiendish 5 was led by a robotic Owl named Clockwerk who has hunted sly family for centuries. Sly defeated him but now the Owl is split into different parts and are now being used by the Claww gang for various nefarious means and Sly is looking to get the parts back. And the 3rd game Sly learns that he has a family vault filled with stolen loot but it’s being held by the nefarious Dr. M, if he wants he is going to have to build the ultimate team, not easy since his original team has split up over events that happen in the 2nd game. Sly will have to get them back and recruit new people. Of course through all of these misadventures Sly is trailed by Carmelita Fox who sticks to Sly like Zenigata sticks to Lupin the 3rd (yeah it’s an obscure anime reference but it fits).

Sly Cooper cel shaded give it a cel shaded look

all pictures of the game have been taken by me, the characters however belong to there original creators
all pictures of the game have been taken by me, the characters however belong to there original creators


The graphics in all 3 are cel shaded, this gives it a cartoony look and feel to the games. Now cel shaded games in a lot of ways have aged the worst since the move to HD has the colors do look bland. Given HD treatment though the cel shading retains its glory and the games do look as good has new. This helps because Sly Cooper games have a bit of a Saturday morning cartoon feel to them. There are still a few rough edges too showing the games age but for the most part the games have held up over time.


Some great music and some good voice acting through all 3 adventures. The 3 main characters voices come off as pretty good. Sly has a mellow but somewhat sarcastic attitude is voice fits, Murray sounds like a giant child which fits his personality, and Bently sounds like a nasally worry wart just like his personality actually is. The only character that seems to change voices is Carmelita who not only changes voice actors in each game but accents going from Spanish to American.

The games

cracking a code on safes gives you power ups
cracking a code on safes gives you power ups

Sly Cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus

I’ll be honest I love the original Sly and it’s probably the game I’ll return to play again and again. It’s old school platforming straight and simple. Each stage has a banjo kazooie style hub world to get to the actual stages. Most of the stages in this game are simple and linear but the fast pace action, the bit of stealth, and great stage design make this game a lot of fun. Like a lot of old school platformer Sly only gets one hit but collecting coins will allow him to get a lucky charm that allows him to survive a hit. In each stage there are green bottles and finding all the bottles plus finding the safe will allow Sly too unlock new moves that will help him in combat. This one is the most simple and to me the most fun out of the 3.

Sly 2 Band of Thieves

Sly 2 takes the Sly Cooper series in a different direction. Sly still has all of his climbing and sneaking moves he learned from the last game. But now his two partners Bentley and Murray can be played. The game is no longer a simple platformer but now an open world game with missions to accomplish and Stealth. Sly now has a health meter however enemies now take several strikes to take down if you go into a full on fight. Luckily Sly does have an instant sneak attack kill, plus with coins he gathers from pick pocketing in a mission he can buy special moves. Sly 2 band of thieves isn't a terrible game but it lacks the simple fun of the original. Not helping it is to stop the villains this time you often have to beat them in two stages before you finally confront them. And the 2nd thing not helping are the stages are too small, but still take too long to beat, and the stages aren't very varied in there looks (take the Contessa prison and then her mansion which are in two different places but look identical when it comes to the environment) and there isn’t much enemy verity in their attacks. Sly 2 main problem is you get bored of an area long before it's time too leave that area.

Sly 3 honor among theieves

Sly 3 takes Sly’s 2 game play approach but expands it and makes it more fun. With more characters to play has you get more varied missions. While one of the characters you recruit Penelope just takes over Bentley RC helicopter missions these seem to be more fun and better put together then Sly 2. The Panda Kings ability to lock on and fire missiles at multiple enemies, or the Guru who can’t attack but can hide himself in plain sight and then hijack enemies is also fun. There is also a stage where you do sea battles and it feels a lot like the sea battle in the Assassins Creed series if a little bit more simplified, not bad seeing how the game came out several years before. More varied areas also doesn't hurt Sly 3 either while it’s not has good has the original it’s still quite a bit better than Sly 2 Band of Thieves.

There are also some mini games you can play with the move controller most of these are OK diversions but there not going to take more than 5 minutes each for the fun to run out.

getting all the trophies in the mini games takes about 15 minutes.
getting all the trophies in the mini games takes about 15 minutes.


The trophies for the game are pretty much like Sony's other HD collection like the Jak and Daxter collection and Ratchet and Clank collection there pretty easy to get, plus each game has it's own platinum trophy to get, and I got a platinum trophy the first time through Sly Cooper and the Thevious Racoonus. And while I did not platinum on the other 2 I got a good chunk of the games trophies just by playing through them. The mini games also have their own trophies has well so if you like building up your gamer score this is a pretty good game to do it with.

Final Recommendation.

Sly Cooper is still a fun game after over 10 years Sly 2 and 3 aren't quite has good but there still worth playing even these days. If you haven’t tried these Playstation 2 classics then it’s worth buying the collection just for the look if you can get it at a good price.

Other HD collections I recommend.

Here is some PS2 classic collections that are released in HD that I recommend.

What Is Your Favorite Sly Game.

What is your favorite Sly Cooper game

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