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The Star Wars Toys Every Kid Wants For Christmas: Great New Star Wars Collectibles and Toys For Christmas

Updated on March 8, 2011

This Christmas, make sure you get the Star Wars toy your kid really wants. Even after thirty years, there are plenty of new Star Wars toys and collectibles being released all the time. In fact, it seems kids love the series as much as ever! With series like The Clone Wars and new cartoons being released every year, George Lucas' classic series shows little sign of waning in popularity any time soon.

Read on to find out about the Star Wars toys every kid is waiting for this Christmas season. This easy list will show you all of the great Star Wars toys available.

Lego Death Star Toy
Lego Death Star Toy

Star Wars Lego Toys

It might not seem like the most obvious connection, but Lego and Star Wars go hand in hand. The popular block building brand has drawn Star Wars fans young and old. Build a giant Lego Millenium Falcon or create a detailed battle scene featuring favorite Star Wars characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In addition to a myriad of different Lego play-sets geared at all ages, there is a very popular Lego Star Wars series of video games for a variety of different systems. If your kid is interested in Star Wars toys for Christmas, check out some of these great deals on Lego toys today.

There's a huge variety of different Lego sets available, some more difficult than others. Check out some of the items below and see if they're right for your kids this Christmas. There are plenty available, so don't be afraid to check.

Star Wars Action Figures

What kid doesn't love action figures? Often, The Star Wars toy a child wants most for Christmas is a simple action figure. There have been dozens of Star Wars action figures released over the years, but it seems that kids just can't get enough of them.

Right now, you'll find that kids are loving both the classic Star Wars characters as well as the stylized Clone Wars style toys. Both of these action figures are extremely popular under the tree during the holiday season. Even better, many of them are relatively cheap compared to some of the more expensive electronics kids nowadays are begging for.

Here are some of the most popular Star Wars Action Figures available for Christmas. Don't forget that Amazon has expedited shipping, so if you need a present fast for Christmas or Birthdays, they can make sure it gets there on time.

The Star Wars Force Trainer

The Star Wars toys your son or daughter are most interested in might not even be the one they know about. There's a toy available that allows anyone to become a real Jedi Master. Attach a special device to your head and concentrate real hard: and watch as you move things with only the power of your mind.

Using a small fan, young and old alike can use their minds to lift a ping pong ball right off the ground. Using complicated technology once used for medical monitoring, this is a surprisingly advanced kids toy. This one of a kind educational toy is a hit at Christmas time and can be both entertaining and educational. For more information on how exactly this amazing product works, read about the science behind The Star Wars Force Trainer.

The Star Wars Lightsabers

Oh, man. Could this be THE Star Wars toy? There has never been a child born onto this beautiful planet earth who hasn't, at one point or another, wanted a lightsaber. In fact, most adults are probably still salivating at the thought. As luck would have it, there are dozens of different lightsabers available in all colors, appropriate for a diverse age group.

Whether you're looking for hard, mantle piece lightsabers or soft ones that are safe for kids to swing around without doing too much damage to one another, a toy lightsabres is probably the number one Star Wars related Christmas present on anyone's list.

Check out all of the cool lightsabers available today!

Star Wars Guns And Blasters

Of course, not every kid wants to be a Jedi Knight in the Star Wars universe. The setting is rich with bounty hunters, soldiers, and other men at arms. For those who prefer a more inelegant weapon, there are all types of different Star Wars guns and blasters available. They come in two varieties; the kind that simply light up, and the kind that shoot projectiles (think NERF).

So if the Star Wars fanatic in your life is more of a Han Solo than a Luke Skywalker, here is the Star Wars toy for you. VIsit the shops to the side to purchase a new Star Wars gun.

Star Wars Galactic Heroes: For The Youngest Star Wars Fans

The Galactic Heroes line is a more cartoon-y version of the Star Wars toy line.  Just right for the younger kids who love Star Wars but aren't ready for lots of toys with moving parts or life like action figure replicas.

Although simplified, that doesn't make these toys plain: in fact, the heavily stylized artistry makes them that much more eye catching.  Due to the exciting designs and unique toys, the Galactic Heroes line is one of the most popular Star Wars action figure lines out there.


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      i also loved the star wars in my childwood. i was in a toy shop some few days ago, it reminded me of my child wood. They are really nice..

    • John B Badd profile image

      John B Badd 

      10 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Man I really loved my Star Wars toys when I was a kid. The use to team up with my G.I.Joes (they were the same size so they played well together hehe). I even had the special edition emperor you could only get from sending in UPC's. The new toys look even cooler. I was never a big lego people fan but I like that death star.

      Thanks for rekindling old memories.


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