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The True Tales of Pokemon

Updated on October 10, 2014


Episode #
An Early Morning to Start an Adventure
Is This A Oaks
Haaave You Met Red?
Episode Guide. Don't miss out on what is happening with Devon and the world of Pokemon


Have you ever asked yourself, What do they eat in the pokemon world?

The only meat that is brought up is fish, but what kind of fish is this? Are they eating water pokemon like Magikarp or is it just a normal fish. Are these fish not Pokemon then?

Would they eat pokemon like pidgey and spearow? You would believe that if a pokemon could be used as a pet or a fighter then they would probably also use them as a source of protein. Could you go to a fancy restaurant and order a nice (and very expensive plate) of Articuno?

Throughout the anime we see that Brock is a paritcularly good cook. Many times you will see him make food especially for pokemon like poffins. In later seasons they also show Macaroons. Deserts are a high commodity in the Pokemon world.

An Early Morning to Start an Adventure

The sun rose over the hills and the blinds barely kept the light out. The sheets on the bed were all ruffled. The pillow was lying on the ground and the bed was empty. Devon sat in the corner rocking back and forth. He was excited about today, but at the same time very, very frightened. He knew it was an honor to go out there and prove himself and bring the honor to his family of becoming the very best. He would become a great pokemon trainer.

A knock came on the door and startled the young boy. His eyes blood shot from the lack of sleep, they glared at the wooden door.

"DEVON! It's time to get up!" Yelled his mom.

He stumbled over the clothes that spread across his floor. He picked up his pack, which his mom had already stuffed everything in for him. He walked out the door in his striped green and white shirt wearing a pair of khakis. As he walked into the kitchen he could smell the food cooking.

"Are you hungry? I am just cooking up a batch of spearow eggs." His mom exclaimed from inside the kitchen.

"Eh, I'll just eat a couple macarroons..." He picked up the colorful deserts to eat.

"NO, you need to eat something healthy. This may be your last home cooked meal for a while." His stomach churned at the thought of not eating any home cooked food. He didn't know how to cook and what if he wasn't good at this whole pokemon training thing.

"Look, it's my boy!" his dad said as he walked in the door. The grown man was still dressed in the same short shorts he had owned since he had left on his journey. Along with that he had his trusty bug catching net that he would always carry around and his safari hat. Devon thought his dad was super embarassing. How had he been training for years and years and still only had a caterpie? His family was a joke when it came to raising pokemon.

After he had eaten, he looked up from his food to see his parents eyes starting to swell up. A single tear fell from his mothers eye. Oh no! he thought to himself, Don't cry, do not cry. You can do this. He stood up immediately and embraced his parents with a hug. Then with a smile and a couple goodbyes walked out the door to start his journey toward the neighborhood professors house, Professor Oaks.


Is this a Oaks?

After a long walk he saw his destination, a large research labratory. He had met the professor a couple times, and all though the professor always would give his full and undivided attention, he was a bit oblivious. Never remembering anything, but the guy was reknown.

He walked through the door and saw the professor immediately with a couple of his assistants. The head of the professor lifted up from looking down at the computer he was working on.

"OH goodie, you've arrived! Welcome to the lab. Glad you could make it on time. Oh what was you gender again?" Professor looked at the boy with a perplexed look on his face.

"Excuse men?" Devon said super taken back. His brown hair was long enough to cover his ear and reached his eyebrows in front, but he had never been asked what gender he was.

"Oh sorry it's just a question I've got to ask."

"Um, I'm a boy."

"Oh good! Now I remember. And what was your name?"

"Also a question you have to ask?"

"Um..." The Professor looked as though he really didn't remember the boys name. "Yes, it's just part of the list."

"It's Devon Partridge."

"Oh perfect, come follow me. Now, this world is inhabited by creatures called pokemon. Some use these creatures as pets. Others to fight." Devon started to doze off as the professor began his rant. Devon had heard this talk several times. He remembered hearing it as a kid and although he was only 10, he felt as though he had heard it a million times. "A world of dreams and adventure with Pokemon awaits!

"I am in my old age now and the two other boys have already passed by. So now unfortunately I only have one left, but go ahead. Take it."

Devon walked over to the table where the lonely pokeball sat. He picked it up and suddenly it opened up and a light flashed. He looked down to see the little leaf pokemon bulbasaur. "Bulba" said the little monster.

"Sweet" Devon said as his heart began to pick up pace. "He's mine now?"

"Well yes, do you expect to go out in the world and have no pokemon?" He let out a loud laugh, "Don't be ridiculous." Professor Oaks turned around and picked something up from the table and brought it over to Devon. "This boy, is a pokedex. I had one of your fellow new trainers go and pick it up from Viridian City. Now I will give this one to you."

"Cool, what does it do?"

"It will register all of the pokemon you come across and keep track of the pokemon you have caught. You are quite right when you say that it is 'cool'"

After saying some last words Devon started for the door when he was abruptly stopped by one of the aids.

"Hey you're going to want these. Trust me." He sneakily gave Devon a couple Pokeballs. Was Devon not suppose to have those or something?

After exiting the door of the laboratory he knew it was time to be the very best. He wanted to catch them all and Bulbasaur was going to help him do that.

Mass Effect Moments

Should Devon be good or bad?

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Haaaaave You Met Red?

The air was cold and the dirt was hard. The long day of walking had made Devon's legs throb. He had just been playing around all these years, but never worked so hard. Yet he actually had done nothing today. He avoided the tall grass because he knew monsters lurked inside. He had yet to even pull out his Bulbasaur. What if it didn't listen to him or just ran away.

Devon swiftly looked up towards the darkness in the jungle as he heard a noise coming from afar. It was now close to the middle of the night and he had no fire. His stomach hurt because from the anxiety of the whole day he hadn't been hungry. Now he regretted not having eaten. This unknown noise was not helping his stomach either.

The leaves started to move as whatever it was was moving closer. Devon stood up and stared into the abyss. He looked down into his pocket where a small pokeball was buldging out. He took it and silently released the pokemon.

"Bulba...saurrrrr." Said the pokemon stretching as it finally got out of his ball.

Devon then saw a light come from behind the bushes. Out popped a little Charmander. Bulbasaur looked at the little pokemon of his same stature and squinted his eyes. Ready to attack. From the behind the bushes something else came. It was a boy. He walked out and looked startled at finding Devon.

"Whoa, what are you doing." exclaimed the boy at Devon.

"I was going to ask you the same thing." Devon replied. They stood there for a second staring at eachother. Both not knowing what to do next.

"Is this where we battle?" Asked the boy

"Um I guess we could." They stood there for a couple more seconds in silence. Their Pokemon had now caught on and were now in an intense stand off also. "It is really late though." Brought up Devon.

"True." The other kid saying. Now a little relieved that they had found an excuse to not fight. "Like, I mean I wouldn't want to wake anybody up." He said as he looked around the dark forest. "So what's your name?"

"I'm Devon. You?"

"Red. Is today your first day out?"

"Ya, how did you know? For all you know I could be one of the best trainers in the world?" He said in a very boastful manner.

"I saw that bulbasaur earlier. I was the first one to Professor Oaks Lab and he gave me three options. It was my Charmander, your bulbasaur and a Squirtle."

"Do you know who got the Squirtle?"

"Ya my dick cousin blue." Red was annoyed at the thought of his cousins. There was definitely a deep rivalry.

The two, with the help of Charmander made a fire and decided to rest the night. Tomorrow was going to be a big day. They were going to Vermillion City.


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