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The Ultimate Store For Apps - Playboard App Store

Updated on February 17, 2013
The store for apps - Playboard app store
The store for apps - Playboard app store

Playboard Store for Apps

There's no denying that the Google Play Store has a huge selection of great apps and games. But, did you know that there are even more great android gems out there that have yet to rank high enough to be seen in the Play Store?

Hundreds of apps are submitted to the Google Play Store each month and, while they're all technically in the store, they don't actually appear in the Google Play's respective app section until days, weeks, or even months later. Much like a ranking on Google's search engine, apps have to prove themselves as being worthy before they are ranked high enough for them to be seen from the Play Store.

Playboard Store for Apps is an awesome android app store that provides a wealth of features above and beyond those provided by the Google Play Store.

Playboard Store For Apps Features

More Games and Apps

The best part about the Playboard store for apps is definitely the much larger selection of mobile applications. Not only can you download every application that's available on the regular Play Store, but you also have access to all the newly added Play Store mobile games and applications that have yet to be featured on Google Play.

Also, keep in mind that even though you are in a different app store, the apps are still coming from Google's Play Store so there's no increased chance of harming your smart phone or tablet. They are just as safe as any other Play Store mobile app.

Many More Search Options

Another Playboard feature the really comes in handy is the many different application search options they provide. In addition to the regular search features we've all come to expect from any app store (Top apps, Top games, etc) Playboard store for apps also provides many interesting categories, arranged as channels, that allow you to search for mobile apps and games specifically catered to your liking.

The channels are user created and virtually endless; ranging from the normal channel selections like "Apps for kids" to the more obscure channels like "End of the World Apps". No matter what mobile games or apps you're into, there is sure to be a channel that appeals to you. If not, you can always create your own and share it with the rest of the Playboard universe.

Download Playboard App Store

If you wanna check out the Playboard store for apps simply search "Playboard" in the Google Play store. You can also read more about the great app and see its Google Play Listing at the link below.

Do you agree that Playboard's search options and extra apps are as great as I think they are? Love the Google Play Store? Know an even better app store? Sound off in the comments below.


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