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The Walking Dead Road to Survival Updated Game Features, Glitches, Bugs and Crashes for Everyone!

Updated on August 3, 2017
Player: Scopely Sux Nuts
Player: Scopely Sux Nuts

Scopely's Recent Promises

All the players have heard the promises from Scopely time and time again. It seems that Scopely has been making promises for the last 2 years without actually taking responsibility of serious issues that cause paying customers to lose money and faith in the game and with the company as a whole.

In the wake of the Cross Region War failure, Scopely stepped up and made some very large promises once again to players, this time taking responsibility as the players wanted. It seemed as if they really did mean what they were saying. In-game support kicked it up a notch and started actually speaking to some players rather than always sending the same cut and paste responses. They kicked players where it hurts with some horrible attempts at compensation, but most players were able to look beyond that when they started pumping out great tournament prizes, throwing around elite character and weapon tokens like candy, and fabulous milestone bonuses.

Things were actually starting to calm down a bit for Scopely just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, and then they flipped the switch on war and walked out the door leaving players to fend for themselves once again. With support no where to be found, and a vague bulletin stating they are aware of the issues, players are back to being neglected by Scopely.

Player: Brexit
Player: Brexit

War Crash (and burn)

As usual, players started gearing up for war before it even began. Purchasing refills with tower teams on lock and ready to go. Sadly, the moment war began the glitches hit hard and fast. Along with the usual bugs players have been complaining about there were several other major issues including the following:

  • Disabled chats.
  • Endless searching for many factions.
  • Players from the same faction signing up for war were in their own sign up screen not showing other players.
  • Unable to return to war after crashing.
  • Missing and uncounted points.
  • War not ending after destroying a faction.
  • Game crash and continuing to crash/reload continuously.
  • Graphics errors with black/white screens.
  • Outrageous milestone targets.
  • Less than impressive rewards.

The majority of these issues were reported to support from beta players and they have yet to receive responses even though the war was sent to regular players already. The list could go on and on with all the new and old glitches from the war weekend but why continue to list all the issues? Scopely has proven that the only thing they are interested in maintaining in a neat and orderly fashion is their PR campaign. They have proven time and time again that their only concern is their bottom line!

Player #SpendingStrike
Player #SpendingStrike

Angry Players

It's no wonder players are storming the forums demanding answers and compensation for another Scopely blunder. Scopely has done just enough to try and slow the negative feedback and get players spending their hard earned money again. Doing just enough is not going to fix the game and the issues sure aren't going to fix themselves.

But once again, Scopely is ignoring player feedback and instead of focusing in on the issues that need to be taken care of and the suggestions that the players actually want, they are putting their attention towards new features. They have been asked, begged, and warned that they need to stop spending so much time trying to change the game and stop searching out new ways to make more money until they have made the game worth playing again. But still, they ignore the feedback and keep going with their big plans for the future.

But who will be here to play the game in the future when all they are doing is rushing content and screwing up the majority of the game? Who is going to line their pockets when no one wants to play a game that they cannot enjoy because it steals their money and then doesn't work?

Scopely needs to realize that they are biting the hands that feed them.

Waiting To Die

Many players have been talking in-game, on the Scopely forums, and on multiple social media platforms about how bad the game has gotten. Many have decided to join the spending strike after disagreeing with it at first. Other are talking about quitting all together.

Not only is the company ignoring the most important people involved in their success, the players, but they are also pushing out so much content that they are wrecking the entire game. Legendary characters were once just a dream and now they are being tested in beta after almost a year of planning on Scopely's part. Many people are very excited to have them introduced to the game, but there are just as many players who think this will be an end to the game.

If Scopely doesn't start stepping up to the plate with their customers they are going to take a nose dive into oblivion when they players finally say, "no more". That time may be closer than they think, especially with them angering the players so much and so often. They also may think that they can solve their problems with a few refill and a few gear bags but that is because they are too busy ignoring the players to actually hear their feedback.

Maybe Scopely will realize before it is to late that they need to step it up. And maybe they will just keep ignoring everything until it is too late, only time will tell.

What Do You Think?

What do you think is going on with Scopely?

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    • Rodger1969 profile image

      Rodger1969 7 months ago


      You sure tell it like it is! You have captured so much wrong with scopley & this $$ pit game! Keep up the great work!!

    • profile image

      WAlter white 7 months ago

      GReat job on this summary of the crap scopely been pulling lately. All with no real compensation to the players, that until now, spent real cash. . Love the drowning swimmer cartoon.

    • profile image

      ... 7 months ago

      After twd show stops, the game will end