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The Walking Dead Road to Survival: Community Uprising - Fix Our Favorite Game Part-1

Updated on August 3, 2017
SarcasmAndShame profile image

Kayla is an active player of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game for nearly 2 years.

A Movement for Change

Many players of The Walking Dead Road to Survival are sick of being ignored, and sick of dealing with the same problems with the mobile game day in and day out. The start of a spending strike caught the attention of Scopely and had them reaching out to customers with a letter from the G.M. Albert Wei not once, but twice in hopes of calming the angry players. Many people also credit the strike for the obviously better prizes in the most recent level up tournament.

Scopely may be trying to divert attention with better prizes in-game, but the majority of the community isn't falling for it. The Scopely forums continue to be filled with players that are unhappy with current issues and are trying to get a response on how these issues will be corrected. It has only been a few days since Albert Wei promised better communication and there is still only silence on Scopely's behalf.

It seems as if Scopely is just too busy raking in their millions to take time to read the forums that they provided us, here are a few of the many issues that need to be corrected.

Respectful Compensation

This is an ongoing issue, paying customers as well as free to play players are not going to let Scopely off easy. Many players are still demanding they redistribute the prizes based on each region and others are talking about a complete do-over. Either way, they are angry about the poor attempts at compensation and feel as if it threw gasoline on the fire when it came to the overall failure of Cross Region Wars.

It seems as though with all poor attempts at compensation it is safe to say that no one is going to be given the characters they feel they deserve. If they were going to do that, they would have done it by now. Although it is pretty obvious that the rewards in the most recent Level Up Tournament were meant as a peace offering and a pretty smart way to ensure that it was the active players that received some form of compensation rather than a blanket compensation for all.

You have to admit that blanket compensation is almost as enraging as no compensation when it comes to major players that invest their time, energy and even money. Although this was a great way to get back in the good graces of the players, many are saying it's just not enough. If Scopely really wanted to show their respect and appreciation for the customers that have collectively made them millionaires, they need to take a big step. And it's pretty safe to say that 3 gear bags is not what they were expecting or wanting.

Address Current Issues

More importantly, Scopely needs to slow down on their "big plans for the future" and start focusing more on the issues at hand. There are so many issue that need to be addressed with the game that adding more problems is not going to work out well for them. A lot of the issues would have never been if Scopely would just stop rushing on new content, which they are still guilty of doing.

Here are a few serious issues that need to be addressed now:

  • Getting rid of cheaters and hackers. This has always been an issue and probably always will be, but if you bring more focus to the issue and show the community that you are putting an end to it the fear enough could stop future cheaters. Banning players here or there is not enough.
  • Region merging needs to happen now. Why is this not done yet? There are so many doomed and dying regions that are losing more and more players everyday because the game is getting old with the same few active factions. You are killing your own game by not merging these regions and giving them a new life. People already spend like crazy, imagine how much more you would make if they had to fight for first place again. Until merges happen CRW is just a daydream.
  • Fix pull algorithms. You can keep your stance that algorithms are fair and secure, but we all have seen the proof. Some people have done 10+ max pulls and not received one single five star character. One player even said he is on max pull #13 and no five star characters in any of them. That may not mean much to your 600 million dollar bank account but it is a rip off to even the highest spending players.
  • Ghosting issue. There are just as many people that love this as there are that hate it. Address the issue one way or another so we can let the topic die.
  • Neutralize glitch. There seems to be a glitch that many players are talking about in regards to the neutralize ability. It seems that Rosita and Carl's neutralize ability doesn't always work even though it shows that it has been successful. It has also happened often with Revive Jesus and many of support tickets have since been ignored.

As you can see there are many issues that plague the committed players of this game, and this list could go on and on. Scopely would know this if they spent more time listening and responding to their player base. They really should put a pause on future plans or at the very least, put more dedicated staff on fixing current issues because the current staff are clearly not enough.

Fix Customer Support

It's great that Scopely is talking about providing better customer support for players but this remains to be seen. So far what many players have seen is a major lack in communication and some serious censorship. Scopely staff can make empty promises all day long but eventually players start to catch on.

Here are some major issues with support that need to be fixed:

  • Stop the censorship.Closing threads due to threats or bad language is one thing, but when threads start disappearing that touch on real topics that need to be addressed there are going to be consequences. Like maybe a rogue player will start writing articles to focus attention on issues Scopely would rather not have go public. By censoring players just because they are standing up and demanding change, you are asking to be shamed and you deserve it. Stop deleting threads you do not agree with, you gave players a public forum to come and speak their mind on, let them speak.
  • "We will take it to the team". That sentences is almost as painful as the "keep on surviving" comment players receive after waiting 3 days for an answer from support only to get the same cut and paste response as every other time. Fine, take it to the team, but send a follow up response once this elusive "team" finds an answer to the issue. Players don't send messages to support to inform you of issues out of the goodness of their hearts, They want problem solving.
  • Train your support staff. This cannot be stressed enough. Customer support is so confused half of the time players wonder if they even know what game people are referring to when they write in. There have been times a single question was asked by multiple people from the same faction and the answers were all different. And then when you ask for clarification and show them the multiple responses you get stuck with the "we'll take it up with our team" response. And if you go further and complain about that you get "I am sorry, I am unable to offer compensation". Well, who the hell asked for it? All we want is a damn answer! But since you want to go there ...
  • Compensation from support. Many people write in on an issue, half receive compensation and the other half get squat. Some are directly lied to about whether or not support can offer compensation when everyone knows the truth. Sometimes there are glitches in the game and the appropriate response would be to compensate the player who was on the losing end. Even more annoying is when there is an issue directly related to war and they comp raid refills, or there is an issue in a raid tourney and they comp world refills. What is going on with this? It is annoying to say the least. Support should start giving the coin equivalent of whatever you plan to comp to make it an actual advantage to the player in any situation. Instead of 3 world refills because of a raid glitch, give them 300 coins to use as they see fit. It is the same equivalent but at least it gives the player options especially if they wasted coins in the process. This is just good customer service.

Customer support is supposed to provide support for customers. But Scopely customer support has made it a point to see who can shut-down the most customers. Stop ignoring customers and start providing answers.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Loved this article. Finally someone collected all the different issues we're faced with and stated our accurate demands and expectations. Scopely expects us to pay? Well we expect to get what we pay for!

      Thanks Kayla! I'm the leader of a top faction in Long region and we appreciate the work you've put in to defending us as a whole!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Joe Bob. Thanks for the laugh bub. Like Kayla stated this is from feedback from the players. Not her wishlist nor my wishlist. Feedback from everyone.

      As for "stealing" your rep. Get a good defense and "bottom feeders" wont take your rep.

      Also "bottom feeders" feed off the bottom. So you are the bottom huh?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Its clear they also are fine with many violations of TOS, which they state is a banned offense, which it's not based on their continued acceptance and lack of action, to also include buying gold, censoring, players buying accounts from others, continued unrsesolved glitches and game errors, their decision to use a propriety algorithm- which can and has been manipulated internally to increase profits, using you, the user as a beta-tester for new content without you being paid, and for which you have also been paying for, like what happened in the CRW. Agreed, some of these are minor, it's better to identify the many, many issues to prove a point of the lack of care shown by Scopely about most of these issues and their condensention towards you for even challenging them on these.

    • SarcasmAndShame profile imageAUTHOR

      Kayla Hebert 

      3 years ago from United States

      Keep in mind that these suggestions are from the community as whole and are not strictly my opinion. If i picked and chose only what i agreed with on a personal level , it wouldn't be for the community, it would be for me personally. Try to be impartial and don't kill the messenger.

    • profile image

      Joe Bob jr 

      3 years ago

      Your stance on Ghosting is unbelievable. Just because I don't want bottom feeders like you stealing my rep I'm cheating? Scopely have confirmed they are fine with ghosting as an in game feature.


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