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The Would You Rather? Game

Updated on June 22, 2014

Would You Rather? is a game that started as basic questions of survival: Would you rather eat those unknown red berries and possibly get sick or that dead opossum over there? Now the game has evolved to something a little more refined, choices that would probably never need to be made, to entertain children or dunk adults. The following are several question suggestions for your next get-together.

Would you rather...

  1. Never brush your teeth again or never brush your hair again?
  2. Spend a month with Nick Nolte or have a Taylor Swift song written about you?
  3. Smell like cheese forever or never have eyebrows again?
  4. Be fifty years older or never go outside again?
  5. Have to read a never ending book or watch a never ending Adam Sandler movie?
  6. Run through a field of thorny rose bushes or swim through a group of jelly fish?
  7. Swim in a vat of creamed corn or run through a pool of Jello?
  8. Change fifty dirty diapers or clean a dairy barn?
  9. Be secretary for the devil or for the president?
  10. Be in a car accident or a tornado?
  11. Have random people yell at you for something you can't fix or have people you know yell at you for no reason?
  12. Have to go to a job interview everyday or constantly have to go to the bathroom?
  13. Have a film crew follow you all day everyday or have no one (including your family) ever recognize you again?
  14. Date Taylor Swift knowing she will write a breakup song about you or date Lady Gaga knowing that she will be almost naked most of the time and you might also have to get naked in public?
  15. Run past a pack of wild dogs with hamburgers in your pocket or swim with sharks with a cut on your leg?
  16. Have a million dollars you couldn't spend or get free food for life from a restaurant you hate?
  17. Accidentally say a curse word on television or give a stupidly incorrect answer on a quiz show?
  18. Drink pond scum or eat road kill?
  19. Have to walk a thousand miles or take a public bus with a million stops?
  20. Sleep in a spider nest or walk on broken glass?
  21. Listen to Weird Al on a loop for a month straight or listen to Spice Girls on a loop for a month straight?
  22. Have to jump rope to work/school or cartwheel to work/school?
  23. Lose all of the pictures you have ever taken or all of the words you have ever written?
  24. Be the pretty-fat friend or the ugly skinny friend?
  25. Fall down a never ending flight of stairs or have to climb a never ending ladder?
  26. Eat only salt or only sugar?
  27. Kill a hundred strangers or one person you love?
  28. Live on a mysterious island like Lost or a haunted house like Paranormal Activity?
  29. Write a 500 page essay or read a 1,000 page book?
  30. Have a really long nose hair or a really long toenail that you can't trim?


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