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The best dungeon crawler game with pokemon qualities is Azure Dreams

Updated on May 28, 2014

Azure Dreams an elite unknown video game for the PS1

A much better Pokemon with less land to travel, but so much more to do.
A much better Pokemon with less land to travel, but so much more to do. | Source

Azure dreams brings dungeon crawling and pokemon like monsters together with sim qualities

Within Azure dreams you will brought to a main town. In this game there is a main mission which explain your main goals. These goals of course are to climb the tower which is filled with monster and enemies, getting to the top is the ultimate goal. However, before I diverge into the main portion of the game it is important to realize the fun you can have outside of it. This game has sim like qualities to it. In the main town with the money you obtain in the tower you can rebuild the town. This means you can build a theater gym and many other landmarks. What this does is improve your surroundings and increases your likableness with the npc's. This doesn't leave out that you can also have a love interest with some of the girls within the area. There are many things to explore in the town but I won't spoil it and tell you all of them. Now for the main portion of the game you will be collecting monster eggs and making your monsters and character more powerful. Your items can consistently become more powerful and as long as you leave the tower without dying you retain your items. When you leave the tower your level is reduced back to one but your monsters will keep there levels. Your items will also stay powerful. Fights within the tower are turn based but almost in a live action way. Watch the video below to fully understand.

Azure Dreams Gameplay

Continuation of Azure Dreams

When searching within the tower there will be higher level monsters the higher you go and escape is sometimes the only option. Trying to run to the exit is also sometimes your only chance for survival. I believe every ten floors there is an elevator that will safely take back to town. However, there are many items within the tower that can grant you an escape from the tower no matter what situation you are in. The monster are very different and there aren't any copies. This game was developed well has good graphics for the ps1 and really takes game play to a new level. I think anyone who enjoys an rpg that is a little different from the norm will love this game. It just offers a much different experience then most of the other rpg games out there. If you are dungeon crawler fan you will not be disappointed. Furthermore if your not but just like rpgs this is an awesome game. Yet, I'm going to take it a step farther and say even if you aren't a huge fan of rpg's, this game is still for you. This really is one of those games I would say do not miss out on enjoying it. There are a few rare games per console I say play even if your not a fan of the genre. This is probably the top on that list. There are a select few games that are really going to grab you like this game does. Many games have monster and there are a few well-known games where you have monster travel with you. Yet none of those have really been in this rouge-like style of videogame. Nightmare of Druaga is a very well known game with a similar style. If you had the ability to capture a monster and use It the gam would really appeal to me. Azure dreams brings that extra desired level to rouge-like style of gaming. Another impressive point to make with this game is how fun the town building process is. The dating aspect and a few other key points make this game so much fun. The Gameboy port to this game is amazing as well but that's for another hub. Really this game deserves a true sequel or remake so the newer generation and the guys who feel nostalgia for this game can re live it. How about an hd remix at the very least.

Walking around town


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