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The best nintendo 64 game of all time

Updated on November 2, 2012

Best nintendo 64 game ever

Epic Link vs. Mario
Epic Link vs. Mario | Source

Overview of the best N64 game of all time

The Nintendo 64 was a revolutionary gaming console that shaped the video game world. It Introduced a 3D that seemed untouched by the play stations standard. Though Nintendo 64 was definitely lacking in games and content it showed the progress of video games. Now the Nintendo 64 with its obvious child games and nonsense has many gems hidden within it. Though I could list many lets get to the game that matters. The game I speak of, which is the best Nintendo 64 game ever, is Super Smash Brothers. This game was amazing before you knew what it entailed. If bringing all of your favorite Nintendo characters together in one game didn't grab your attention I don't know what would. Imagine Link and Mario in a game together. Samus and Kirby together from seemingly different worlds. I had to check this out and once I began playing I could not stop. My favorite character was Link and the instant choice I made. I'd only seen him in 3D in Zelda 64 but I was more then ready to test his abilities against what I felt were inferior Nintendo characters. Sadly, the first enemy you face is Link. He is the easiest person to beat. Now I won't go through every level with you because it would take the fun away from the story mode. I will tell you that each character has his own moves and the only characters who are truly similar are Mario and the secret character Luigi, who in many ways is a Mario with a super move. Now there have been sequels to this game but nothing really compares to the original. When you play this game with your friends you could play for a weeks straight. This game is one of a kind and the game play is so different then most games.

Super Smash Brothers intro

Super Smash Brothers Gameplay

Something incredibly different then any other fighting game was the was in which characters are killed and or defeated. The character was be hurt to the point of which he has a high percent of damage at which point the character seems for fly higher up. There is no health bar once the damage percentage is high you knock the character of the level which will cause him to explode and die. Now in text it may seems silly or not make much sense but the game is absolutely incredible and fun. The mechanics flow beautifully and the game is so fun. Check the game play video below.


Music and Graphics

The music and graphics of the characters are all true the games of old. The difference is there a little remade to fit the Nintendo 64. Updated music and 3D models of the characters you always enjoyed mixed together. My recommendation for anyone who has not played this is get a Nintendo 64. You will always have an urge to play this game. Even once you get sick of it. One month later you're playing all over again.

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