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The best tactical role-playing game is Tactics Ogre

Updated on November 6, 2012

Tactics Ogre


The greatest tactics rpg with a real indepth story and choices

The play station one was a real rpg creator. There are loads of fun rpgs of every spectrum for the PS1 and fortunately there is a large selection. It's of the Ogre Battle Series of games but much different then ogre battle. During this time the tactical role-playing game had gained some popularity. It pieced together turn based on a much bigger scale and gave people an opportunity to utilize there brain and be preemptive while piecing characters together. The way Tactical Rpg works is it creates an openness for extended battles and true character development on the field. Rather then running around and falling into a quick random battle or hacking and slashing your way around, this give you that different in depth battle. Defeating the enemy is only a portion of your goal in these battle scenarios items are to be found through out levels, and the ability to persuade enemies to join your team adds another level of excitement. Now is there going to be level grinding and some repetitiveness, absolutely. Welcome to the world of any rpg. Now in order to get a feel for the experience in Tactics Ogre you must remember that there are classes and promotions. There are secret classes too and different ways to obtain them. You have to take karma into consideration and your stats when changing class. When this is fighting item customization is advanced and can effect class.Remember that more then just awesome tactical game-play with back attacks and counters that every move has a consequence so everything needs to be calculated by the player, don't risk I high level character thinking he cant die. When ganged up on and left in the open he can. Your never completely safe if you try to do things without thinking. Yet, that's what makes this game so exciting. Your choices are also important in the games story to not only your character development but also story development, there are different outcomes and scenarios. There are many move to learn and master in this game and a lot of class specific fun characters. Enjoy the depth of the story it really makes the game incredible. This story is far from rushed. Every scene with dialogue is important and well written. Immerse yourself in a fun world full of tactical battles and intense storyline. There are many twist and turn to keep you on your toes. As a huge rpg fan I recommend anybody who enjoys video games try this game. If you are a gamer especially rpg gamer you need to play this game. I implore you to give this game a try they just remade it for the PSP with updated graphics and dialogue.

PS1 Gameplay

New PSP remake gameplay


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