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The game has changed

Updated on August 25, 2011

It was a perfect day, such lightness I haven't felt since autumn. School day wasn't very hard, but really bright. My friend and I had fun in every lesson, though I got excellent mark on math and english. Actually I consider such wonderful mood as a result of the correct tune.

For already several days I can't download my new photos, which is very mirthless. Hope tomorrow my Internet will work better for me ;)

Note: I can't resist myself from watching different soap operas, serials, cause I like them! But If I will be not able to reduce number of hours, which I spend sitting in front of computer, it well be truly expensive for mom. Or if some films will suddenly finish, it will do me good.

To cut a long story short, stop waisting time at shitty things!

And one more thing, happened in my life unexpectedly. I began to eat sushi! Earlier I couldn't even stand their smell, but not I enjoy sushi with a great pleasure! Dad told me that I am not the one, who changes tastes towards them, it assures. And a green tea, yeah! Different kinds of it, but especially soursep tea :)

It looks like an advertising, but I'm sure you all know about the green tea.


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