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The new Madden 12 NFL 2012 game features and guide featuring online play and franchise

Updated on December 9, 2011

Madden 2012

Madden 2012 has just come out, and some people may be thinking, should i buy it, will it be good, what are the features on the game? So here i will go over most of the new features, whether i think it is worth it, and what you can expect going in on buying it.

The Features + Ultimate Team

Franchise mode is back here in 2012, and there are many new features that were voted in by the fans. They added a dynamic player feature to the franchise mode which is a new feature. This ensures that you will never get a same game twice, Depending on how your player plays each week there confidence, or consistency will go up or down. And as this happens you will see your player do better or worse, and this is just one of the new features. Another new feature is free agent bidding, in which you can place bids along with the other teams, or people in your franchise for players that are in the league. The franchise mode is a great way for someone who does not have a online account so that you can play each season right up until the superbowl.

The next Game Mode is Superstar mode, which you get to progress your superstar with skill points. All sports game seem to have a feature similar to this, and this game is no different. here you will be able to go through preseason, training camps, and NFL games. You will get to progress your player over time to create a true superstar.

The next game mode i will go over is Ultimate Team. Here is a cross between, trading cars and football. You start with a very basic team of players. Then you can play people online, head to head, against friends or against the CPU in order to gain credits. These credits can be spent to buy card packs. This is similar to buying a pack of trading cards, you buy a pack of cards, and the players you receive you can add to your lineup on the field. Now you can buy card packs in 2 ways, 1 - with the credits you earn, or 2 - with real money, like on xbox you would use microsoft points to buy the card packs if you don't wanna spend the points. This game mode is fun, but 100% different then playing with real teams like the patriots. Personally i am not a fan of this mode, but ALOT of people are which is why Madden brought the mode back.


So now I'll talk a little bit about the online play on Madden 2012. Overall i think this is one of the key features which sells so many copies off the shelves at amazon, and best buy, and all the stores, because the online is what makes this game well worth it. The game has a few different online features, from online franchise mode, to Head to Head, or team play. Franchise mode allows the player to create a franchise with up to 32 different online players and play just a normal franchise happens with a draft, preseason, and so on.

The head to head for the most part should explain itself. This includes one vs. one, and allows each person to be the team of their choosing. Beyond that, it plays like a normal gain, and keeps of stats and ratings.

The team play allows for a person and there friends to do a head to head match but with more than just one v one. This is a fun mode that allows for each person to play a role, typically most fighting over the QB.

the glitch

As of now, if you have an xbox elite, but one of the original xbox elite's then there is a glitch where the player may not be able to play xbox live.


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