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The Jesus SmackDown

Updated on August 5, 2006

Lay down the smack

Learn how to play this addictive game

    Recently I found a fun game to play with a friend. I'm sure others have played it but I don't know if anyone has named it and made the rules.

    The game is simple, you put your hands together like you are praying but hold them horizontal in front of you at chest height and arms bent slightly so it's comfortable. 

    Then your friend stands about 2 feet away from you, far enough so that they can hit your hands without having to stretch out too far. This person needs to have their hands at their sides.


    After you and your friend have taken position,  the person not praying tries to slap the other persons hands before the other person can move them.

    You are allowed to move your hands out of the way either up or down.

    Your hands must be touching while you pray. 

    The object is to be the slapper as long as possible. You turn as the slapper only ends when you miss the hands. If you hit the tip of a finger or any part of the hand you still are the slapper. You have to miss completly to lose your spot as the slapper. 

    If you are playing with more than two people then you must slap the hands 5 times in a row (or a different number if you wish). If you miss then you sit out and the next person comes in and becomes the prayer. The prayer who won the round gets to become the slapper. You want to be the slapper and put down some Jesus Smackdown. 

    This game is really addictive and becomes really funny as you see people develope strategy and different stances. Be warned, this game can hurt if you get hit hard and get stuck in a combo move (just ask James). I broke a blood vessal in my hand and have a small bruise on it from slapping people. So there you have it, become the best smackdowner in the world and leave comments on how many slaps you get in a row.  

You can get some board games if you wuss out


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      mattkat 11 years ago from Pismo Beach

      that picture is rediculous