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Theory Fallout 4 The Main Character is a Synth

Updated on November 14, 2016

Fallout 4 Synth

This pic is from the website. Great picture but the characters do not look like the picture.
This pic is from the website. Great picture but the characters do not look like the picture. | Source

Proof Of Main Character Being A Synth

1. Except in Survival mode, the main character does not need to sleep.

2.Except in Survival mode, the main character does not need to eat.

3. The main character knows about baseball. He or she has been cryo-sleep for 200 years. But, this has not effected his/her memory about a baseball.

I would think the brain must be damaged in some way after being in such a state for so long. This is not the case. He/she talks about the game to one of the settlements and to a guy in diamond city.

It is known that the synths know about the game. This is not something that a normal person would know about during game play.

4. Raiders want to kill the main character. They do not try to kidnap the main character. The kidnapping might have something to do with paying the raiders to kidnap certain people. Then, a synth is brought back to the settlement.

It is known that the institute does not like people. So, they don’t care if the main character kills the Raiders. The institute says that the synth are run away but who could have let them out? They would have had to be programmed to leave and have enough money to pay raiders to help them.

The escaped synth know not to attack the main character unless they are under attack somehow. IE an direct attack or an attack on their group.

5. The main character can build anything.

6. The personal robot has been reprogrammed to work. Someone must be checking up on it and leaving ways to repair itself near the robot.

Or, the institute might be using Carla to service and possibly shut down the robot.

7. The coursers are not very active in their mission to take back synths until the main character decides to find a courser.

Walk around the Commonwealth. There will not be one Courser found until the main character is high enough level or the quest is activated.

8. The mayor of Diamond City was going to let the main character if Piper was not there or not. There was no other reason to show up to welcome the main character. The Instite wanted to know that the main character was making progress in the quest to find them.

The main character is already programmed to find a way back to the institute. This will help the instutie in knowing that they can shut down a snith and get them back using AI capabilities alone.

9. The synth at Far Harbor can’t tell humans and synth apart. The character could be a synth.

10. Happiness is being measured at each settlement. Who cares about happiness when everyone is starving to death.

11. Even the Raiders are worried about food. The main character does not understand hunger because he does not need to eat. So, he/she needs another way to monitor the people.


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