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Things I Love and Hate in Sims 4

Updated on December 19, 2014

Things I Dislike

I will start with this list and then move on to the portions I adore. Don't be misguided by my list of things I don't like, it hasn't stopped me from playing the game, trust me.

1. No Assigned Beds

It is very frustrating to me that people can sleep where they want instead of assigning beds. It makes it so much easier. For instance while playing the game once the father went to sleep in the daughters bed and forced her husband to go sleep in the kids room on an extra bed.

I was very annoyed.

2. No Locking Doors

This is because for some reason sims can't tell when another person is in the bathroom and will waltz right on in. Then they will proceed to get embarrassed. Or the fact that while a couple is trying to woohoo someone can walk into the room and interrupt the action just because they want to talk.

3. Toddlers are gone

The baby they have now but it is so annoying, I liked the toddler because it didn't cry as much and you could see what it needed. Now with the babies you can't see exactly what it needs unless it smells.

Plus the toddlers helped build a connection because you taught them things. I think it would be great to include.

4. Woohoo options

It is so boring that you can only woohoo in the bed right now. No shower or anything interesting. In the past games you could woohoo in hot tubs and showers in addition. I thought with the expansion they would add more rather then limit them.

5. Babies Anger Me

I don't rememeber being so annoyed with babies in the sims 3 but I seriously wish they would go away. I don't like the fact that you cannot tell what is wrong with them, as previously stated, and that they do not age up to toddlers.

Another thing I do not like is that if you have people over they will crowd around the baby and it is hard to take care of. Another glitch is that they allow babies and children to be home alone together without the parents. This is a big problem in my game because the children cannot actually take care of the child. Why is this even allowed?

I had to force a parent to leave early from work because child services was threatening to take the baby. This is something that needs to be fixed.

I find myself aging the babies up to children just because they are so loud and obnoxious, as you can tell I have no children in real life.

6. Parties

I don't think that they should have changed how they do parties. It is more annoying having it right then. Wouldn't it makes more sense to plan it for the rest of the day?

Things I Love or Am Glad They Changed

Here are the things that I like that they changed or added into the game.

1. No More Open World

I quite like that they got rid of open world. The game runs so much better then it used to. The loading screen is nothing like the loading screens of the previous installment and when you go somewhere there are actually people there.

2. Skills

The skills are much more interesting. I like the variety of them. Now there is video gaming as a skill and there is cooking AND gourmet cooking as a skill. The musical instruments has increased, which I adore as a music major myself. They also have a kids violin, which makes sense because that is true in real life.

3. Multiple Families in One World

I love the fact that I can play multiple families in one world and switch between them easily. In the sims 3 it was multiple games and save it separately.

4. Multitasking

I think it is wonderful that sims can multitask now. They can talk while sitting and have a group conversation. I once had to have my sim introduce himself to ten people and he was able to do that while having an ongoing conversation with a bunch of other people.

5. Build Mode

It is so much easier to build houses and expand upon your house now. New additions take no time at all and the styled rooms are great. I do hope they bring bunk beds back though, they were awesome.

6. Conversations

Things are slightly more interesting when moods can control a conversation now. You can boost people up and also put people down. It is awesome. People don't just automatically have good conversation and things can become boring in a conversation.

There are even special interactions for certain moods. This makes it more interesting to talk and build friendships.

Do you Love or Hate the Sims 4?

What is your view on the next installment in this franchise?

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    • Jake Peralta profile image

      Jake Michael Peralta 2 years ago from Indio, California

      Eh, The Sims 3 at least had more interesting content by the time it ended. Hopefully The Sims 4 will do the same.