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Things To Do TV

Updated on August 10, 2010

Things To Do Today!

What in the World can I do Today?
What in the World can I do Today?

Things To Do

Let's talk about Things To Do!

One fun thing today which is taking the world by storm - actually it's been a fun thing to do for a very long time! - is Scrapbooking. Getting scrapbooking ideas is about as simple as looking around your home or flipping through a magazine. It's one of those hobbies that many people add to their list of Fun Things To Do.

'Scrappers' as some people like to call themselves are very creative and often on the lookout for new scrapbook ideas. Some popular themes include: scrapbooking wedding ideas and scrapbooking baby ideas. (Sorry - I know this sounds like terrible English but its the way I like to write. If you pick up on this HUB early on I may not have had chance to come back and edit it.)

So, how does one get started? Well first is typically picking a theme, like the baby or wedding idea above; next is choosing a layout and then comes pulling together a few essential supplies so you can really get going.

Scrapbooking Tools & Supplies

You can get started with items as simple as scissors, glue, a few old magazines and some photos. Of course to embellish your album you may want to invest in some quality patterned paper. But for cheap scrapbooking ideas many scrappers will just dig through their old used Christmas and gift wrap stash. It's a clever and cheap way to get going. Sophisticated and seasoned scrapbook enthusiasts probably have a collection of favourite tools they use. The Cricut machine and Versa Tool are two very popular ones.

Things To Do

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What are Things you like To Do?

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